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ExA RG-31 Mk5

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This is a Cooperation between ExplosiveAids (ExA) and Stiltman (STI).

The RG31 Mk5 is a 4×4 armoured mine-protected personnel carrier vehicle (MPV)

developed by BAE Systems in South Africa. The Mk5 is a standard variant

in the RG-31 family and specially designed for resisting improvised explosives and mines.

Also the addon is made with A2: Combined Ops (also tested with ACE2),

so i can not say if it works for anyone not having it but probably will work.

There is also code for basic ACE and ACRE features in the config.



- RG31 (M2, TAN and OD)

- RG31 (Mk.19, TAN and OD)

More Features

-- Modules --

There are now 4 modules in the editor

1 (ExA) Satcom - for showing the Satcom antennas

1 (ExA) Crewduke - for showing the CREW antennas

1 (ExA) Boomerang - for showing the Boomerang shotfinder antenna

1 (ExA) Spare wheels (ACE) - Only for use with ACE makes sparewheels

disappear as you take them out of the car

Synchronize the ones you want with the vehicles you want to show the

antennas / have spare wheels

-- Animations --

optional VS17 panel can be animated by putting

this animate ["vs17", 0]

in the units init field in the editor

Optional hiding/showing of the turret camo netting on desert variants.

this animate ["camonet", 0] //to show

this animate ["camonet", 1] //to hide

Optional show and hide antennas via init instead of module

this animate ["SYS_satcom", 0]

this animate ["SYS_crewduke", 0]

this animate ["SYS_boomerang", 0]

-- Hidden Textures --

Changing Branch, ID letter numbers.

hidden textures as follows

0 Branch

1 ID letter

2 ID number

Branch ID can be set by adding code to the units INIT field

For US Army:

this setObjectTexture [0,"\exa_rg31\data\id\id_army_ca.paa"];

For USMC (default branch):

this setObjectTexture [0,"\exa_rg31\data\id\id_usmc_ca.paa"];

ID Letter and numbers can be mixed and matched as prefered

Assigning the place by a 1 or 2 before the texture path

and by changing the X to any letter or number a-z 1-0

this setObjectTexture [1,"\exa_rg31\data\id\id_X_ca.paa"];

making possible combinations like A1, A2, F3 or HQ, AS etc.

Example for HQ:

this setObjectTexture [1,"\exa_rg31\data\id\id_h_ca.paa"];this setObjectTexture [2,"\exa_rg31\data\id\id_q_ca.paa"];




-Inital Release

Required addons:


Community Base Addons (CBA)

Download Mirrors:


NEW 1.0






ExplosiveAids (ExA) for his awesome modeling and texturing.

Stiltman (STI) for everything related to bringing these into arma 2.

LordJarhead of JSRS for the new awesome sounds, thanks alot!

Norrin & Cuel for scripting help and scripts.

BIS for ArmA, ArmA2, Arrowhead.

BIS for M2 and Mk19 models from the ArmA sample models.

Everyone else that i have asked questions and/or forgotten ;)

Also special thanks to all our beta testers who have helped us put the RG

through its paces, you have all given us good input and suggestions.

So thank you!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Edited by Stiltman

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Literally just woke up since I was busy no lifing it on MSO till 0600 today. Wake up and the first thing I do is check to see if its released to find you released it minutes earlier. THIS IS A GOOD SIGN

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Thx you Stiltman and ExplosiveAids for the beautiful MRAP:yay:

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Ah... there it is! Looks awesome mates. Really nicely done. Downloading now and having some fun with it ;) Thanks for this nice masterpiece!


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Early Christmas :D

Many thanks ExA and Stiltman for your awesome work ;)

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Thankyou for your hard work! Already had a ton of fun with it, rolling through Tarin Kot dropping bad guys left right and centre, its too badass!

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Well, just updated first post with a trailer made by the AMG (Arma Movie-making Group)

Hopefully the release dont have any gamebreaking bugs, and you all will be happy with whats done so far.

there will be updates and additions to this addon further on, we still have plans on adding more content to it.

but for this weekend we are most likely taking a small break :D

And Foxhound thanks for the mirror as usual :)

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Any chance someone could make a Replacement Config for these RG-31's replacing the U.S. Army HMMWV M2 and MK19? I would make one but the Replacement Config I am making is giving me an error about an undefined base class "HMMWV_Base", even when its clearly defined in the config(atleast I think its properly defined)!


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Fantastic work guys! The texture and modelling detail is excellent-- love the bottled water and MREs in the cargo on the shelves, all the little wires and things, the details that make the vehicle such an ugly mother (I mean that in the nicest way) but one you feel safe riding around in. I'd love to find a way to add this to a scenario.

Any plans to create some simple variants for different branches of the US military or other countries? The RG-31 is the MRAP of choice for the UN, according to the Wikipedia, and is used by a ton of different countries. Would be cool to see some more variants than USMC in the future.

EDIT: I see you can change the branch there in the readme, astounding!

Also, not to be overly critical, but since this is v1.0 and may actually be able to be changed-- the headlights look a bit strange to me, like the texture is magnified. I think the textures of the vehicles as a whole would be 100% perfect if the headlights were tweaked. No bugs observed so far.

EDIT: And going through the readme, hats off on such comprehensive editor functionality! If BIS ever did an official community addons pack, I'd vote for this one to be in it simply for how comprehensive the animations are.

EDIT 2: Any plans to light up the dash when the vehicle's headlights are on at night time? I know there's NVGs, but man that would be so cool if the dashboard was lit.

Edited by h34dup

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I had to make an account finally to say how much I wanted this, Any future plans for rollers or rpg cages? Because that would be epic.

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Thanks for the nice comments all :)

So, to h34dup: yeah the dash will be light up and all that in a future update, just got short on time now in the end so some things got left behind :P

we kinda felt like its been in the works for so long it was time to get it out!

also plans for openable doors, hatches and all that for some future update.

and to all about a UN version, we have seen that image and yes we have plans for UN version(s). :)

also, since we dont have any hidden texture for a complete retexture by you all, since most countries use TAN or OD anyway.

but if your country has the mk5, and looks different in some way of texture. let us know we might add it to future updates.

and jesster2321: yes, we are having plans for future updates, i will not go into detail yet of what :P but im pretty sure it will end up beeing epic.

We can not tell when all these updates will take place or how long it will take, but that is also a little why we released this now to let you guys have something to play with while we continue to work

but we also want to continue on the RG33 and Husky to, and we have some future secret vehicles in the todo list to ;)

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Great addon, thanks for sharing it and congrats on the release..

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Thank you a lot for uploading/ sharing those toys, they look excellent! Great sound too! :bounce3:

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