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MPMissions not show up ingame

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Hi All,

I have not been editing for a long time, i have been away from Arma to long.

But because of this DayZ mod i'm back again.

I'm using the six updater suite to get my mods installed, and i have made a start-up shortcut with six.

Now this is happening : When i start my game with the created "six updater shortcut" all seems fine, when i go to the multiplayer setupscreen i can go to "NEW" and host a new game, when i do this i can pick all missions i have put in the MPMissions folder.

Now, when i start my game with the startup exe from the main Arma directory, all is fine but there are no missions to choose, while the missions are inside the MPMissions folder.

I hope you understand what i mean, for me this is not a big problem, i just start my game with the start up shortcut created with the "six updater", i can even just make a new shortcut to the exe file in the arma directory and copy and paste the startup parameters from the "six updater shortcut" to the new created shortcut, this will also work.

Now the big problem :

My friend has Arma true steam, we have the same problem there and more, we can not get it to work,he is NOT able to see his MP Missions in his MPMissions folder.

If we put extra startup parameters to the shortcut he will not even be able to start his game.

We are running the game with the beta version !

So anybody have any idea why we are not able to see our MP missions in our MPMissions folder ?

Thank you, i have done some searching but was not able to find anything about this, i hope some is able to help.

Thank you very much,


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Post your target line from your shortcut.

Also make sure you have put the mpmissions in the correct folder, which should be for nonsteam:

C:\Program Files\Arma2\Mpmissions

for steam should be along the lines of

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma2\mpmissions

something like.

I would actually try without play with six and make sure you get it working and know, and then go from there.

But if you host in mp then missions should showup gold, or a tan color,a nd if you have open editable missions then it should be light blue.

If you dont have any missions in the mpmissions folder, and the folder has a readme in it then go into the Arma2\AddOns\missions, the missions will be a pbo,

just extract it, and you will get a folder called missions.

Move the MPScenarios files into the mpmissions folder in your Arma2 directory, you may want to pbo them first, but they should work none the less.

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I'm playing and editing from the first day OFP came out, i know where to place stuff and i know what parameters to use.

It is just since dayz, and i'm playing the beta patch version.

As soon as im home i will write down the exact parameter line.

DVD version:

Starting the game with the original start up shortcut will not show the MPmissions.

Starting the game with the six shortcut, the mp missions will show.

Steam version:

Starting the "normal" shortcut start the game but NO mp missions.

Starting with adjusted shortcut parameters will crash the game .

I'll get back in 3 hours with the startup line.

Thanks man

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I'm playing and editing from the first day OFP came out, i know where to place stuff and i know what parameters to use.

Then you should know that if you run into an issue with a mod and a beta, that you would make sure that it is not the

mod or the beta that is causing the issue by running the vanilla game without them and making sure the vanilla game is showing you the listed mpmissions.

If the vanilla game is not showing you the listed missions without the beta, the mod, and without six updater, (which currently the new version is called play with six)

then its your vanilla game with the issue. Now if the missions are showing in vanilla, then its either dayz, the beta, or sixupdater, or something else.

If you break it down

launching with vanilla only

launching with six updater only

launching with beta only

launching with dayz only

test each and you should be able to find the culprit.

If any of those tests fail then I would look at folder locations, but since you said you know where everything is at,

and you have missions in the mpmissions folder then I'm going to assume that the folder setup is correct.

Your shortcut for running Dayz mod should be like this:

arma2oa.exe -nosplash -mod=@CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@Dayz

of course with the folder setup before the exe, be it windows setup, or steam.

and for a launcher it should be different too, but I'd try to get your vanilla game going first, thats base right there.

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Ok guys, we are not talking about DayZ. And we are not loading any MOD !, just Arma2OA vanilla :)

Here is the shortcut that will give me the MP missions : "D:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" -noSplash -noFilePatching -showScriptErrors "-mod=expansion\beta;expansion\beta\expansion"

Here the shortcut that does NOT give me the option to pick a MP mission : "D:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe"

Why does the first shortcut(created with six) shows me the MP missions and why does the second shortcut not giving me the MP missions ?

Then the next will be the same problenm with somebody who has the game true steam, we can not find the MP missions at all.



If i start the "Arma2OA.exe" from the main arma directory, the game just crash on boot.

If i start the "Arma2OA.exe" from the /extension/beta folder without any parameters,game starts but NO MISSIONS TO PICK TO HOST MP

If i start the Arma2OA.exe" from the /extension/beta folder with the extra startup parameters ALL IS FINE

So again, i do not really have a problem, it is just that we have the same problem with people that have the game true steam, the only thing with this version is we can NOT find the MP missions in any way.

The .pbo missions files are in the correct location.

Thanks again


It must be something with this beta directive parameter, i just can not understand this seemingly simple MPMissions folder operation, i have always just pored missions to it and was always able to play any of them without ever NOT seeing one.

"Noramlly" i always played Arma without the beta, since this dayz i'm constantly running the beta version. Now after some Dayz i'm returning to arma and have these little bugs/problems.

I don't know, i'll just fffcc about some more and will say if i solved the problem for the Steam users, because thats what all this fuss is about. I myself do not own a steam version, so i can't test it out, but i will solve it.

Thanks again, have a nice day :)

Edited by Alliexx

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Heya Allie...Say hi to Deanos and Shadowz for me. Just try this "D:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2oa.exe" -noSplash -noFilePatching -showScriptErrors Thats the way I start mine and have no problems. Pop in and say hi sometime. We are running lots of Vanilla. Servers info in the signature. Cheers

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