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Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Release v1.3

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Boeing/SOAR MH-47E v1.3 Release

*Requires Operation Arrowhead/Combined Operations.*

The Release of the MH-47E Chinook is finally here! Im happy with how this has turned out, shes looking good and is finally ready for what ever you all may throw at her :) Many people have given help to this Chinook and i think you will all agree with me when i say that it has all payed off! So a huge thanks them! & Also to yurapertov, BlackMamb, VXR, Astast & Norrin, soldier2390. Without them this Chinook wouldn't be as great as it is today! Without a doubt! Also thanks to Smiley_Nick for allowing me to use his unreleased model of his RAF_Chin47 addon to transform it into this MH-47E. Last but not least, thanks to everyone on the Bohemia Interactive Forums for the amount of support you have given me & everyone else who was involved. It's been great! So again, thanks to you all!


The Fast Roping Issue when used with Yura's MH60L hasn't yet been fixed as were still working on it. However i wont hold up this release because of that as its had a few other main bug fix's too which are included. The next updated (v1.4) will include the Fast Roping Fix once completed.


Thats all to be said, now have fun flying & enjoy! :D

The MH-47E's Features

Correct Number of Flares/Countermeasures in a Forward Direction.

Lock Dectection System Complete with Warning Sounds.

Walkable Fuselarge.

Option to Level, Lower & Raise Ramp.

2 Cargo Positons on the Edge of the Ramp. (Fixed Ramp Version Only)

New & Improved Flight Engine Sound's.

Fueselarge Night Lighting.

Cockpit Night Lighting.

20 Different Radio Chatter Sounds.

Improved Gunner Animations.

Improved Blade System, bend when under load etc.

Custom Cargo Positions. (BackCrew & Loadmaster)

Co-Pilot Camera is fully animated. (Thanks yurapetrov!)

FLIR & Laser Marker on Co-Pilots Camera.

Aerial refueling with Feint's Addon (..I Hope).

Animated Loadmasters Hatch.

Animated Windscreen Wipers.

Ability to Sling Load RHIB's, HMWVV's, M119 & Ammo.

Ability To Load An ATV & CRRC via tryteyker's Script.

Fast Roping for Cargo Crew Passengers (AI Friendly).

ACE Compatability.

SOAR Pilots & Crew.

Digital Cockpit.

2 Example Mission's included in the .zip file.

Ability to add your own flag/logo in the Cargo Area.

2 Wreckage Models.

Signed Addon for Online Use.


To display a texture of your own onto the flag in the Cargo Area, simply do the following below.

Simply edit a flag or logo of your choice into the white space in the FlagTextureTemplate.png file included in the zip folder.

Once done, save into your mission file as a .paa file, and in the MH-47E init's field put the following:

this setObjectTexture [0,"YourTextureName.paa"];

Then your own flag/logo will display.

• Fast Roping Instructions •

To use the Fast Roping thats included with this download you must have from 1 - 24 Cargo Passengers inside the MH47E. Hover at height of below 10 and a 'Deploy Ropes' option will appear in the action menu. Once that action has been clicked the Script will deploy the Fast Ropes and drop off your crew automatically without you doing anything at all. So sit back and keep the MH47E in a controlled hover while your crew Fast Rope. Once all your crew have been Fast Roped just press the 'Release Ropes' option in the action menu. The Ropes will then drop to the ground and you can continue flying.

• Slingloading Instructions •

To use the Sling Loading on the MH47E. Just Hover above any BIS RHIB's, any BIS HMWVV's, an M119 or any BIS Ammo Box's. There is an 'Extend Cargo Ropes' option in the action menu when hovered, once pressed the Ropes will deploy below the belly of the MH47E. Line the ropes up with the object you want to Sling and another option will appear in the action menu saying 'Attach Cargo'. Once clicked it will Sling your cargo and you can continue flying where you want to drop the slung cargo. Beware, flying too low will automatically de-attach your cargo, so be careful. Once above the desired drop location put the MH47E in an hover and at a height of below 20 there will be an 'De-attach Cargo' option in the action menu. This will de-attach your cargo on the desired location below the chopper.

Version 1.3 Changelog

Fixed: Altitude Reading '0', Therefor Should Be AI Friendly.

Fixed: ACE Slingloading Should Work Correctly.

Added: New Improved Texture, Matches BIS AH-6.

Added: Ability To Load An ATV & CRRC via tryteyker's Script.

Added: Easter Eggs..

Improved: Model Detail Changes.

Improved: HitPoints LOD.

Changed: Missile Warning Sound.

Changed: Detailed Readme.

Version 1.2 Changelog

Fixed: Digital Cockpit Textures, Compass Directions Now Face Correct Way.

Added: 'Hardcore' Version. Disembark From Inside The MH-47E.

Version 1.1 Changelog

Fixed: Multiple "Extend Cargo Ropes" Option.

Fixed: Flight Instruments Panel, Dials Now Turn Correct Way.

Fixed: Lower Ramp option Now Visable When Ramp Is Leveled.

Fixed: Crew Being Injured/Killed When Disembarking.

Added: ACE Compatability.

Added: SOAR Pilots & Crew.

Added: Digital Cockpit.

Added: Ability To Sling Ammo.

Added: Ability To Add Your Own Flag Texture In The Cargo Area (See Readme).

Added: 'Short Range Operations' MH-47E (Without Fuel Probe, As Seen In MoHWF).

Changed: Vehicle Class Name, Now "160th SOAR - Air".











*Requires Operation Arrowhead/Combined Operations.


Edited by konyo
ArmA2Base.de Mirror Updated!

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Congrats brother :D

I'm happy to see this online... Finally! ;)

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Nice going, now you deserve a rest for working this hard for us chinook enthusiasts!


Just asking, what soldiers are being used towards the end of the trailer?

Edited by Marsvinet

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Just had a quick flight and its great..

Really loving this konyo, the wipers are a great feature alone and will add real immersion to a cold wet stormy night mission, that’s without all the other features..

Great work and thanks to you and all who helped for sharing it..:)

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Fantastic addon! still working my way through the features

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I'm glad your all enjoying it... a job well done then? ;)

If anyone wants to share any pictures/videos they take of it, that would be great! :D

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@konyo Congrats on your release, a job well done indeed. With this release complete, i would love to see an normal Chinook version perhaps :)

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Congratulations on the release Konyo, your attention to detail is superb ;)

I'll try it out first thing when I get home today.

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now soar's blackhawk by Yurapetrov and we are done!

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I fly a bit arround and it s very well made :) One of the best shopper addons made so far.

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Ability to Sling Load RHIB's, HMWVV's & the M119.

Thanks for this great "Piece of Art"!

And special thanks for the sling load feature!!

MfG Lee :thumbsup:

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I have the most epic screen shot lined up but i can't figure out how to keep the helicopter in place while i take it from another angle :(

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Cargo feature looks amazing!

Small bug report.

- When placed empty in the editor, then flying to pick up some cargo, I have multiple entries for the ropes which are getting more and more.

- Cargo can not be released on an editor placed LHD ship. I think the cargo is going through the ship into the sea.

Good thing, your chopper is still working with the "RAV Lifter" Addon. So we are still able to lift ammo crates, fuel, etc.

MfG Lee

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