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New patch 1.03.0011, same problem as first edition of 1.03.0006 patch.

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Unfortunately this 1.03.0011 patch has the same problem as the first version of the 1.03.0006 patch before it got fixed. Game does not launch and exits back to desktop. Win Vista x64.

So, if like me you had problems with the last patch, might be worth waiting for another fix.

EDIT: This is what I get in error.log:


Log c:\users\alan\documents\carriercommand\error.log started at 16.11. 19:16:49

!!! Bad record in ccsettings.xml. Unknown action "jump"

scripts/Campaign/Classic_Campaign.h(1520) Function called more than once

scripts/CCGame.c(7822) Undefined function 'FindEntityInHashTable'

scripts/CCGame.c(7823) Undefined function 'FindEntityInHashTable'

scripts/CCGame.c(7824) Undefined function 'FindEntityInHashTable'

scripts/CCGame.c(7847) Undefined function 'FindEntityInHashTable'

scripts/CCGame.c(7977) Undefined function 'FindEntityInHashTable'

scripts/CCGame.c(7988) Undefined function 'Call'

Failed to load game scripts!

==== Resource leaks ====

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