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Converting 3d editor co-ordinates to DayZ database Coords...

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Hi, hope I am posting this is the right place! Also, if the question has been asked/answered already, forgive me - I DID use the search to check, honest!

Okay, I have been making some changes to Chernarus using the 3d editor, and importing into a private hive (dayz) using phpmyadmin...

So far all is working, except for a couple of little snags, especially with walls!

The 3d editor gives the follow coordinates (just as an example)

 [2529.8201, 13045.514], [], 0,

Now, I converted the above into:


Which works.

However for some objects, such as walls, there are extra fields, like orientation/rotation...

I have tried converting them like this:

[2544.9448, 13043.856, 3.0517578e-005]

to this

 [3.0517578e-005,[2544.9448, 13043.856,0]

But something still isnt right!

Does anyone know how to translate the 3d coordinates?

I think that in the DayZ database, it is:


with rotation obviously being rotation, x and y are obvious, and z is altitude relative to the ground...

But, I am not sure how the 3d editor handles things, I am suspecting that it's

 [x, y, rotation]

But, where is the altitude? and if the above is correct, then why does converting

[2544.9448, 13043.856, 3.0517578e-005]


 [3.0517578e-005,[2544.9448, 13043.856,0]

not work properly? :S

Sorry for such a mental question on my first post!


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Hmmm - or COULD the e-005 part stand for elevation?

Thus making

 [3.0517578e-005,[2544.9448, 13043.856,0]

become for dayz databases

  [3.0517578,[2544.9448, 13043.856,-005]

Does that look right for anyone?!

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Hmm I seem to be answering myself here, sorry guys!

So, next thought, maybe I got it all wrong above, and it's actually:


 _this = createVehicle ["Base_WarfareBBarrier5x", [2575.2854, 12948.795, -0.49650833], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
 _vehicle_190 = _this;
 _this setDir 3.8003869;
 _this setPos [2575.2854, 12948.795, -0.49650833];

Translates to

 [3.8003869,[2575.2854, 12948.795, -0.49650833]]

Or, basically:

 [setDir], [x,y,z] 

Guys, am I anywhere near close? :P

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I do not believe this is the right area for your post, but, I do have some input. Why don't you just place your objects in the 3d mission editor, save it as a user mission, open your mission file in a text editor, and copy and paste your objects into your DayZ mission file?

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