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Bohemia Interactive Affiliate Program Announcement

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We’re delighted to announce the imminent launch of the Bohemia Interactive Affiliate Program (in Beta version); this program will enable participating websites to enter into a partnership with Bohemia Interactive, for the promotion and advertising of Bohemia Interactive products in return for a commission on sales resulting from visits via the affiliates specific link.

Bohemia Interactive will make available banners and website code which can be placed on the participant’s website to accurately track visitors and sales. It’s also possible for the participating website to create their own banner if they wish which will utilize the tracking code made available by Bohemia Interactive to their affiliate partners.

Interested people/webhosts may visit https://store.bistudio.com/partner/forms/registration_form.php to register and to read the affiliate Terms of Service, these terms must be adhered to 100% else the partnership will be terminated and any potential earnings will be revoked.

All interested websites are welcome to register for the Bohemia Interactive Affiliate. Thank you everyone for your attention and we all look forward to a successful and mutually rewarding affiliation program.

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