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"Fence" like objects meeting up flush to one another..?

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Hey up,

I've modelled a basic concrete wall, to act as a tillable fence like Berlin wall kind of thing.

It's centred on the xyz zero correctly, but when I place it in the editor to make a 50 meter long length of it, as it's following the ups and downs of the terrain (Which it should do obviously) the top corners are rightly (But annoyingly!) not meeting up, as they're all at slightly different angle to each other because of the terrain.

Is there a better way to sort this problem out, as it seems unsolvable..?



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bis walls has a named property on geo lod...

placement = slope

wall model must be facing z axys - front view

then you can see how wall follows terrain gradient and it might look kind of a seamless plane...

to know more about those check for named properties and oxygen documentation

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