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BLOG: Dark Fiction World - An Alternative World History [Arma2/IL2/SH4 videos]

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The Dark Fiction World is a fictive parallel world of our earth! This alternative history is written from pure fun! It has no political, ethical, racist or religious background!!! We dissociate ourselves from the national-socialist background, to crimes or body of thought! Also a power glorification and war glorification is not in our sense! Here they publish videos only cuttings of the theatres of war should point! For reasons of the historical correctness all videos available here with the respective Highness’s signs are shown!

The DFW history begins with the german invasion in 1939 on Poland! In the first phase of the history most runs of it like in the reality! From a certain time the story will partially change. Three authors are responsible for the story. Then on occasion home-made videos are also published to the loosening of the story. Besides we help ourselves with the games IL2-Sturmovik, Armed Assault 2 and Silent Hunter 4! Unfortunately the respective modifications (Poland campaign, west campaign) are not available topically with certain games yet! In addition we supply later the videos then separately with availability!







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