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looking for informations about M551 Sheridan weapons

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hi, I have spent whole day looking at different internet websites, but i couldn't find details about M551 M81 152 mm canon's ammo

Sheridan is outdated, phased out, so probably it makes this lack of informations

about other tank ammunition we can find tables etc.

but i want to introduce Sheridan and i have following problems :

- velocity ? i know Sheligiah speed is 320 m/s, but about "standart classic shell" there is only "low velocity" info, what it means "low" ? 300 m/s ? 500 m/s ? 600 m like BMP1 ? 800 m/s ? what is "low" ?

- typical cold war Sheridan loudout was 29 bullets, among them 9 ATGM rockets, first Sheligiah rocket has penetration 150 mm RHA under angle 60degrees

- what about HEAT ? HE ?

how to re-work those values for the Armaversum ?

hit ? indirecthitrange ?

152mm is huuuge caliber, the same as Palladin/M109, but i doubt that M81 ammo can be even compared to M109 ammo, Sheridan is not superpower howitzer able to destroy whole block, am i right ? but if Sheligia rocket was so weak (twice weaker than RPG7 rocket) than is it only first generation from 60s ? how about cold war European US troops in Germany in 1985?

any info ?

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post 158


HEAT-MP-T M409 Shell (HEAT-MP-T) - 2240 ft / sec (683 m / sec) - 9850 yards (9007 m) - HEAT-MP-T cumulative tracer round multipurpose

HE-T XM657E2 Shell (HE-T) - 2240 ft / sec (683 m / sec) - 9850 yards (9007 m) - high-explosive tracer

Canister M625 (10,000 fléchettes) - 2240 ft / sec (683 m / sec) - 437 yards (400 m) - A shell with buckshot (not quite buckshot - SPEL, as in the next bullet. GeForce-)

Apers XM617 (8.200 fléchettes) - 2000 ft / sec (610 m / sec) - 3280 yards (3000 m) - fragmentation shells, filled swept killer elements

TP-T M411A1 shell (TP-T) - 2240 ft / sec (683 m / sec) - 9850 yards (9007 m) - practical tracer (learning)

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If you are trying to find the info for an addon you should use the addon research topic.

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