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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission 1.03 BETA Patch

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Hello Everyone,

Beta version of patch 1.03 is available for download.

We will appreciate all feedback left on http://www.carriercommand.com/feedback !

The plan is to have the patch in BETA stage for several days and later release it as full patch. (We are also working on making frequent beta builds available to you.)

Steam users should click on Carrier Command: Gaea Mission in Steam application, select Properties and in the Properties window click on the BETAS tab and select Beta option to access this patch.

All others may download it here(Digital or retail non-steam versions):


File: Carrier_Command_Patch_1_03_Beta.zip

Filesize: 19MB

CRC-32: 7923814a

MD4: 06e64b69af9dd445106ea2832eba1795

MD5: 4db1a7574e60b13f002649f54121209d

SHA-1: 3687ad90c9e7f9bb62f4d1a6ac09a249ab8a18ce


Carrier Command: Gaea Mission 1.03 BETA Patch

Works with all versions except Steam. (On Steam use the BETAS Tab in the Carrier Command properties within the Steam Client to access this beta patch.)

Please report all issues on http://www.carriercommand.com/feedback


Save Games created in versions 1.1.0026 and older are not compatible. Game will notify you if the Save file was created in incompatible version.

Save game files for all Steam versions and for version 1.02 should be compatible.

Patch 1.03 BETA Changelog


Bug Fixes:




- Arrow keys can be bound.


- HMHD missile will be transferred from stockpile onto carrier correctly.

- "V" key will stop the carrier but not instantly.

- Island stop blinking exactly when the enemy stops the attack on the island.

- Fixed random crash after any carrier destruction.

Gaea Campaign:

- Cutscene with Aurora will be played only once.

- Marshes upgrade can be found every time.

- Coolant container will not disappear after island is captured.

- Removed tutorial hints on Arachnid when recapturing island from APA in chapter 3.

Strategy Campaign

- Cutscene of sinking enemy carrier will always be played when the enemy carrier is destroyed


-Fixed pathfinder island data

-Improved walrus pathfinding on wild terrain




- Removed panning while zooming in/out in strategy map.

- Added shortcut in Vulcan mission (1st mission of GAEA Mission)

- Ratio slider in strategy game is split into two parts - APA ISLANDS COUNT and UEC ISLANDS COUNT.

- Removed tutorial notice dialog in strategy campaign.

- ID numbers of enemy carrier units are no longer displayed on the map.

- Enemy carrier will not run away when the player arrives to defend his island

- Enemy carrier units are undocking properly

- The stockpile relocation time now depends on the distance between islands

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Updated version of the 1.03 BETA Patch is out (Version number is 1.03.0006 Beta):


File: Carrier_Command_Patch_1_03_0006_Beta.zip

CRC-32: 500c40bc

MD4: 045bd7d0b4f8e62563d253c6beb57723

MD5: fbd2de8be8fd310a9ee25fedddd3100c

SHA-1: 5983ad0e43230c1272c87ffe2b53e6c4e3ed38d0

You can install it over any version of the CCGM (apart from Steam version which will be automatically updated if you opt in for the BETA of Carrier Command as described in the original post above) including the 1.03 Beta (no need to reinstall, even if the game did crash on startup with that version). Save game compatibility is the same as in the original 1.03Beta.

Main focus of this iteration was to fix the CTD upon start up issue connected to "materials/materials.h" file. Besides that some minor improvements were made in the Strategic AI of the enemy carrier(see the change log bellow).

Thanks everyone for trying these BETA patches out and supplying us with the feedback. As always it is greatly appreciated!!

Patch 1.03.0006 BETA Changelog


- Fixed crash on application start on some machines ("Cannot load materials file materials/materials.h" bug)

- Fixed crash in Strategy campaign (Production Advisor)

- Enemy carrier/strategic AI improvements:

- production logic improved

- improved "Choose next island to attack" logic

- improved barque handling

- improved carrier repairs


NOTE to all modders:

If you have unpacked CCGM data files in your game directory it might cause problems once you install the patch. Unpacked data have priority over the patch data containers and if you have modded files that have been changed and are thus included in the patch, then the game is going to use your modded files instead of the patched ones. I recommend unpacking the files from the patch and merging your modding changes into our fixed files.

Edited by Johny
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Hey everyone,

it took a bit longer than anticipated but here is another beta with a few fixes.

Compatibility is same as for the patches above. So no need to uninstall previous beta patches.

As always, this is for non-steam version only. Steam Patch is available through beta program.


File: Carrier_Command_Patch_1_03_0011_Beta.zip

CRC-32: 27ed8740

MD4: fb9245f29c934d3b2158b74444a08052

MD5: 18b53881417de94f38e227cc25b5d32d

SHA-1: e39302cf478119ef3b6f4a6b3675f965297d7c29

Patch 1.03.0011 BETA Changelog


- Fixed crash in Gaea Mission on Takshaven

- Fixed Achievements Face Off, Titanic, Revenge Is Sweet.

- Fixed Stockpile is now correctly selected upon start of Strategy Campaign with only 1 UEC island

- NEW - Island info now displays icons with relative production and mining "power" of selected island

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Here is hopefully last beta/Release candidate of the patch before the release:

Patch 1.03.0014 Release Candidate

Download mirror:


Compatibility is the same as for the patches above. So no need to uninstall previous beta patches.

As always, this is for non-steam version only. Steam Patch is available through beta program.

File: Carrier_Command_Patch_1_03_0014_RC.zip

CRC-32: 515a48a4

MD4: 24edf5287aa7908d5ec4121754d85751

MD5: d69f766a602079ed0164c28fe0146f73

SHA-1: d7b92516ff03879ee89a18741dfef628da584076

Patch 1.03.0014 RC Changelog


- Fixed walrus hook bug ( Drop sometime caused walrus to capsize)

- Fixed incorrect cutscene playback after completing Thermopylae mission

- Fixed current objectives and waypoints on Outpost in Gaea Mission campaign

- Strategy Game now ends after capturing all islands and destroying enemy carrier

- Enemy carrier no longer "disappears" after capturing all islands in Strategy game

- Enemy carrier now replenishes units he abandoned on the island during retreat

- Enemy units are no longer present on neutral and friendly islands

All patch files were checked with Eset NOD32 antivirus Virus database version: 7763 (Dec 04 2012)

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1.03 now released as full patch.


Only change between 1.03.0014 RC and released 1.03 patch is "Fixed startup shader cache problem (thanks to Species1571)"

We are currently working on some new fixes and improvements so I expect new beta round to launch soon.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for the all the feedback and help!

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