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BAF + PMC Patch Issues

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I Found ARMA X Edition to be a cheaper way to get OA + BAF + PMC, even tho I have all the other games, but great game so I didnt mind getting them all again!

However, when patching it all up (New installation on New SDD) I came across a rather annoying issue grrrr

ARMA II Patched fine

Arrowhead patched fine

BAF Wrong CD KEY ????

PMC Wrong CD KEY ????

Tried with both arrowhead and Arma2 cd's in, no joy!

When I loaded BAF + PMC they installed fine from disk but no CD Key option came up to enter

New to this forum, but I have tried searching this, just cant find if previously posted

Can anyone help or point me to a post please ?

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Steam install or not?

Edit= Nevermind. Reread your post. If it was a steam install, you'd be having the same issue I had a while back that running A2 and OA first before installation fixed.

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