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Danish Defence Army

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A newly created and well organised Danish Arma2 / Arma 3 unit is starting up at 15. october 2012.

The unit is a standard Motorized Infantry unit, with regular danish infantrymen and recon vehicles (Opklaring). We do NOT use helicopters, planes or tanks.

We have our own server, teamspeak and a lot of experience. We also meet up in real life a few times a year at lan-parties, and military events and such.

We have alot more information about us, and how we operate on our website: http://danishdefencearmy.dk

We are open for applications allready now, so sign up on our forums and apply!

EDIT: We are up and running steady and playing every sunday at 1900 danish hours.

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We are of to a good start, and are now 12 members and counting - who all have gone through our training and standarts. Our first sharp/real mission has been played with allmost unbelievable success which where held on a sunday at 1900h. Danish time. This is now our fixed operations day.

Our membercount is pushing our two groups to its limits, so we are not far away from considering creating a 3rd. group which will most likely be a support group with a bit more heavy stuff on their hands, like an M113G3 and a mortar maybe. But thats all still considerations and if we can find enough players for it, so more on that later.. Maybe.. :-)

We are especially seeking players who wants to try out their future as group leaders, and who are good at creating missions with some scripting and general knowledge in the armaverse.

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For everyone out there who might be following us, here's a little update.

In general:

D.D.A has now been up and running for about 3 months. Three teachful months where everyone has learned alot on every aspect.

Our two 'Sergeant-trainees' has after a long and intensive training been promoted to Sergeants, our membercount has increased steadly and our groups are stable. We have plans to create a third group due to the fact that our two Motorized Infantry groups (on paper) is a bit packed on the membercount. I say on paper, because in praxis we found that its good to have a small excess of members by one or two members. This gives us a buffer that allows a few members to "call in sick" and still have a strong, filled group. So, before we can create a third and more different group than the two we have now, we need about 2-4 members more.

So fellow Danes! Suit up, and apply!

In the game:

After a good beginning in the danish terrain of Favslev2.0, the groups has now been sent to the south for their international ISAF service in the area of Reshmaan. A 20x20km desert terrain, that takes them not to far away of the familliar Takistan, but still provides some changes. Their tasks will be very different, and has been allready. So far, they have spent a good month in that terrain. Every individual who has been on at least one whole mission has also been given their personal "Karabin M/10" (Rifle) instead of their old M/95 or M/96 Rifle.

Furthermore, each group has on a trial basis been given one new light armored infantry vehicle (wheeled) each. The type of vehicle they have been given, is the MRAP RG-31. In the real world, the danish army has borrowed a fair amount of the MRAP COUGAR 6x6 vehicles in Afghanistan from the Americans. In arma, we dont have that sexy cougar beast, so right now we have taken what is closest to it.

The MRAP vehicle models are build to better withstand blasts from IED's and small arms fire so the people inside it, can escape fairly uninjured.

Our previous, desert vehicle was the Mercedes GD 'wolf' in a scout and command edition. This vehicle is very old, and most bullets will go right through them. We still use these in woodland areas for a number of tactical reasons though.

So.. Thats pretty much all for now.

For those of you who might consider being a part of it, throw in an application and be ready for 2013!

We are looking for members, and especially for people who want to take part in the group and help out in any way.

Thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.


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A delayed farewell and my side of the story.

After hearing alot of creeking in the corners still after this much time I feel it's time to tell the other side of the story. So forgive me for just letting this out here, I need to get this off my shoulders and move on.

We closed a few years ago, as we where beginning to realise we focused more on simulation and realism in the armaverse than most of the members could handle, and we allowed to many un-interested members to join than we could handle ourselves. This led to alot of stress, administration and confusion from all sides. DanishDefenceArmy was THE clan in Arma 2012 you wanted to join if you where Danish, and you where looking for serious realism without all the nonsense. Unfortunatly it didnt last as long as we had hoped, and we have ourselves entirely to blaime.

Upon closing and shortly after, some of us was recieving a lot of personal crap and insults which I mostly blaim of pure ignorance and misunderstandings from the other party's side, as a lot of the crap-throwers hardly knew anyone and was very green in their DDA membership, but was very eager to throw it none the less.

We where two leaders at that moment in DDA, and we both has agreed that the downfall of DDA mainly was a result of trying to make everyone happy, which ended up making no one happy instead. We should have taken the hard one-line course we really wanted from the beginning, and went for a small specialized team instead of a big quantity regular army unit with too many different playstyles amongst us all.

So, in my humble opinion we all messed it up.

- The administration, by trying to make everyone happy and letting to many people join. (This is my only real advice here to anyone else out there, new to managing a clan focusing on perfectionism and realism)

- And the small minority who as a result joined and then went totally FUBAR in the end and went personal.

Happily for them, they now run their own danish arma-thing, so I hope they got what they wanted.

Personally, I still feel a bit sad and hurt about it because it really was misplaced and I felt very misunderstood at the time.

Looking back after this, creating DDA was the biggest mistake of my gaming career. The "attacks" affected me to much personally when I really just did everything I could to make it all work, and took way to much of my time.

Here's a little history album from what I have not deleted yet.

Thanks to all the yay-sayers, helpers, positives, friends and contributers. We had a good run.

Today I and some of the others have moved on to more hardcore simulators like Steelbeasts Pro PE (Tanking) and Digital Combat Simulator (Flying) in the more serious gaming aspects and I myself are no longer involved in any Arma stuff what so ever, including the completion of the danish map FAVSLEV.

Some of that gameplay will eventually go into movie productions which I (Grizzly/Muggi) enjoy making, and slowly are getting better at.

So, with this chapter closed and finally after so much time I wrote the ending above -- here's a link to my "new" youtube channel.

Enjoy, and see you out there!


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