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3ds max importing issues

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I have imported my model from 3ds,and now i wanted to add some textures in Gatebuilder,but i had to create some parts i could not create in 3ds in GB,and after applying texture,those parts which are originaly from my imported model are darker then parts made in GB,can someone tell me where have a made a mistake?

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Hello matteo.

It's hard to get an idea of the problem without some images.It could be a couple of things.

Possibly inverted normals.Or perhaps the verts are split around those faces.In which case you'll

need to merge at those locations.

But as I said,some images might help.

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Although I can only guess,it looks like a material was assigned in max and imported

into GB.So that could account for the difference in colour.So you need to remap

the texture onto the entire model to override this.

I don't use much else for modelling,except Blender,so I'll assume the sharp edges are

there because no smoothing groups are applied.You should select the entire model and

set the edges to smooth.You'll find that in the Surfaces menu at the top of the window.

Or use the I key.

I only say this so you can define any sharp edges you want,in O2 or GB.

If you're still having trouble,you can send me a copy of the P3d,and I'll take a look.

Either from here or via PM.


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