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ZA Gamers Takistan Life server with StatSave

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hi there

We have started hosting a Takistan Life server with stat save for those who want to take a break from Dayz. filter: ZA Gamers.

No mod downloads are required, for those who dont know what Life server are can view clips youtube.

we got over 120 players in under a week.

Stats are saved and persistent

Check it out :)

Thank you / Kind Regards

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Could you possibly send me the server files, or send me a link on where to get the Default Takistan life server files?? because me and some friends want too set one up. we have a dedicated server and everything, we just can't find the server files haha

Thank you :)

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i forgot the email adress for if you're going to sent them haha

email - n.p.project@live.com.au

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