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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission - Windows PC & Xbox 360 release

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Twenty four years after the original Carrier Command was released, it's modern-day successor is finally here:

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is now available in stores worldwide for both Windows PC and the Xbox 360®!


Bohemia Interactive's Carrier Command: Gaea Mission offers a blend of first- and third-person vehicular combat with tactical and strategic elements. In a massive sandbox, consisting of 33 unique islands hosting 6 distinct climatic zones, players are put in command of a futuristic military carrier holding multiple remotely controllable and customizable units. By traversing the seas and establishing a strategic network of island bases for mining, production and defense, players will set sail for a titanic game of conquest. Unlike the original, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission also features a story-driven campaign. Alternatively, people can go head on with a mode similar to the original Carrier Command, named Strategy Game.

The full release announcements can be found here and here. We've also just shipped the game's launch trailer:


For more videos and intel on where to order the game, be sure to visit http://www.carriercommand.com/buy - welcome back on board!

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