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11 years since OFP - VBS2 PE licenses discounted!

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Recently at BISim we figured out that it has been 11 years since Bohemia Interactive released Operation Flashpoint, the game that started it all! :cool: So, just to keep things random, we have decided to have our first ever VBS2 Personal Edition (PE) license sale to celebrate!

VBS2 PE is a slightly cut-down version of VBS2, our 'game for training' that is used by a bunch of government organisations including the US Army and USMC. VBS2 v2.0 is based upon the Arma2 engine, but there are some nice changes from the Arma2 baseline.

We are offering 111 PE licences of VBS2 1.6 (with free upgrade to 2.0) at half price - only $211 USD!

Go here for more information and to register!

You should also sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in VBS2 happenings.

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