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Keep Take on alive

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I just had a long brake from playing this game in wait for more updates which i felt was needed.

Yeasterday i had a new go with version 1.06 (adding the arma2 compability was genious) and altough i have loved the idea from the day the news broke out about Take on and still enjoy the game today there are certain things i must admit im really disapointed about.

So if BIS are wanting to keep this game alive in near future ( it seems to be dying online) i suggest some serious tought about enhancing the playability of the game in terms of using equipment that now seems to be more or less "eye candy", And lets be honest its not the graphics we all play BIS games for.

For example, make sure:

FLIR / camera /search lights/ winch can be fully operated by player whenever one wants to turn it on.

AI are able to function more properly on ground tasks..Even if this requires a smaller playing field. (Seattle compact version ??)

Add new content such as choppers, additional working equipment, islands.

Maybe consider releasing a new set of official MP missions/ campaign to help boost online gameplay

OR my inner most fantasy..

ENSURE take on flight dynamics make it into ARMA3 and when set on veteran or expert mode..YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO FLY TO PLAY AS PILOT !!

Im sorry if this post reads as bit of "bitching" but to love a game idea and and the same time not see it fully develop to its best potential is sometimes frustrating.


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