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Command and Conquer Tiberium Verse Units Pack (WIP)

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Hello everyone.

Firstly, I hope I am not creating this thread in vain, because I actually do have something to show, but it's not much.

Secondly, it is heavily WIP and I just practically started.

Thirdly, real life is rather hectic, but I do have days off, so that's good.

Now...I feel as though, since I've not seen much in the way of this universe aside from a few released vehicles here and there, I had decided I'd fully commit myself to a units pack for this universe, if someone would like. Later will do Red Alert, no worries. I am starting off with what started it all: Tiberian Dawn aka CNC95. Most 90's equipment have been made available thanks to the many releases on OFP Gamepark and OFP Files and I feel as though not too much work needs to be done in that regard other than configs and retextures. I already have a unit in progress and it is not much, but I am almost done creating him but will need to test him out soon to make sure I am doing this right. I wanted to give something to the community, something I am sure people will like if they have played this series since the beginning.

Any tips and tricks from experience unit makers feel free, because I'll need all the support I can get to deliver a top quality addon pack.

I am dividing the pack in 4 phases with phases 2, 3, 4 being the ones I'll need some assistance on, because I am not a good modeller at all. It will be 4 phases among 3 eras (I am not doing CNC4, I am sorry).


Tiberian Dawn

Tiberian Sun

Tiberium Wars


Phase I: Infantry (light, heavy, civilian)

Phase 2: Vehicles (Soft, Armored, Air, Sea)

Phase 3: Buildings (Decorative, Defensive, misc)

Phase 4: Environmental (Tiberium fields)

This is the 'plan' anyways. I read the rules, but if any dev finds that I messed up somewhere that I don't know about, please let me know.

But enough talk, here's a screenshot:


I need to fix the front and back texture on the vest, need to fix the boot textures, and I need to fix the collar, as well as the texture merging problem on the shoulder plate thingy ma-bob that I can never remember the name of. After that, I need to do my config, and then I will get an in-game screenshot. Also I am sorry the texture is a bit blurry.

He will mainly just basically have the basic kit of a U.S. Army soldier from the 1990's. As far as camos go, GDI and Nod will have their 'canon' appearance camos by default, but I will make sure to make other camos or utilize other camos so that it makes more sense depending on the environment, because I'm sorry but desert BDU's in forest and jungles don't make a lick of sense, right?

GDI's overall scheme: Desert BDU

Brotherhood of Nod's overall scheme: Urban, Gray, Black

GDI's 'Minigunner' Loadout: M16A2, M9, M67

Nod's 'Minigunner' Loadout: G36 or AK-47, Glock 17, M67

Before I head off and make a banner for this thread, would anyone like a progress bar for each phase? I can't guarantee this will all be released quickly, if at all, due to work schedules. If anyone would like to help, please notify me via PM. I will also need someone to help with models. Desperately will need a Nod Obelisk of Light and a Hand of Nod, also an Orca assault craft, but let's just concentrate on Infantry for now. :p Back with more later.

Credit List so far: Sanctuary (assets)

ivosm (for the help so far, also model access)

Westwood & EA (their games)

Please tell me who I might be forgetting, because the last thing I want to do is insult anyone. Peace.

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GDI carried Calico SMGs and NOD had M16s according to the manual.


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Yeah, I have an actual unit list typed down if you plus others would like to see it. The minigunners indeed did have Calicos, or at least that's what the image on the sidebar showed and according to the wiki (on the Wiki they called them 'GAU-3 Eliminators', heh). I haven't read the CNC95 manual in a little over a decade, so I can't even remember that. I think it looks a bit....odd as far as a weapon goes (but arsenals aren't built based on how appealing a weapon looks, they're built based on efficiency and performance, at least that's my thoughts), so I'm just going with an M16A2 on that one for now until someone models a Calico M960, unless there's one I missed somewhere. *shrugs* I'll look around.

Sometimes it was hard to tell what exactly was the 'standard issue combat rifle' for both GDI and Nod. Both sides used a lot of the same equipment in terms of firearms and explosives, but Nod typically had more variety, or at least that's what things would suggest.

Edit - Unit List - Infantry

Global Defense Initiative


GDI Soldier: M-16A2/M203 or M4/Car-15 or Cobretti AR-70 Raptor Automatic Rifle or GAU-3 Eliminator (aka Calico M960), Grenades, M9 Beretta

GDI Grenadier: AG79 K1 automatic grenade launcher or M79 Grenade Launcher, heavy compliment of Grenades, M9 Beretta

GDI Rocket trooper: SMAW (AT)/FIM-92 Stinger (AA), Grenades, Mp5, M9 Beretta

GDI Minigunner: Prototype-Handheld Minigun, Grenades, M9 Beretta

GDI Officer: Spas-12, Grenades, Desert Eagle AE .50

GDI Flamethrower: Flamethrower, Molotov Cocktails, MP5-k

GDI Commando: Primary Weapon of Choice (Typically a Barrett M82 .50 Cal or Car-15 with Scope), Grenades AND C4 (or Molotovs that would replace or go with grenades as a secondary grenade.), Secondary Weapon of Choice (Typically a .45 usp compact tactical or a Silenced M9 Beretta), Knife

GDI Medic - Unarmed, Medical Support.

GDI Engineer - Shotgun (make your choice), Role Support Infantry.

Brotherhood of Nod


Nod Soldier: M16A2/G-36c/G-36/G3/M4A1/AK-47/Cobretti AR-70 Raptor Automatic Rifle/GAU-3 Eliminator (aka Calico M960 SMG). Glock-17 as sidearm. Grenades

Nod Rocket Trooper: Dragon TOW Missile Launcher (AT)/General Dynamics FIM-43 Redeye (AA)/RPG-7 (Both AT/AA), Grenades, Glock-17

Nod Minigunner: Minigun, Grenades, Glock-17

Nod Officer: Spas-12, Grenades, M1911A1/Desert Eagle .50 AE

Nod Flamethrower: Flamethrower, Molotov Cocktails, Skorpion vz. 61E

Nod Blackhand Stealth: Laser rifle, silenced pistol (Flock-18c), Railgun (Depending on if it's Heavy Blackhand unit), Flashbangs, Smoke Grenades, Knife.

Nod Commando: (Same as GDI Commando. Use GDI commando as Reference. And just apply Nod's basic weapons to that logic.)

Nod Engineer: Use GDI Engineer as reference.

Edit- Is there anything I am doing wrong on skinning? I think I should probably follow the thing about merging the textures on the gear itself. Create a 512x512 merging texture, I really hope I do it right.

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Added list

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An update: Restarted on the GDI Minigunner aka Rifleman, also pretty much got done with the Nod Minigunner. I properly did merge scripts too, thanks guys so far. :)

GDI Minigunner: http://i.imgur.com/ZeP7d.jpg

Nod Minigunner: http://i.imgur.com/lspWx.jpg

I will fix the black parts on the Nod one, but I just wanted to give an update on my progress. I might release a couple units per update, but I am not sure. I don't think my stuff is top quality compared to other peoples' stuff. Basically I'm just using Sanctuary's models/camos (for the urban camo I just desaturated the woodland bdu camo essentially and added logo to the arm), so full credit will be going to him. :) I just felt like all this stuff for OFP was coming out and I wanted to contribute my own little addons. I thank you Sanctuary for your modders resources, they are helping me with my vision of Command and Conquer stuff in-game. If successful with this stuff, I see some nice missions in the future. :D

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Hi Revan! Nice work here, but I've got one proposition. As you may had noticed: when logo is put on Sanctuary's texture it's not only seen on two arms of the model (on one it's seen reversed), but it's also blurred. To prevent this, you can select some polys on model's arm (left, or right, or maybe both), copy them, deselect, paste and move new polygons a little bit from the old (but very little: one mm is enough). Then you can texture them with logo, just remember to add transparency in background.

Hope you understand, I'm having now some mental blockade on writing in English :P

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Thank you, I will definitely take that to heart. :) Yeah a bit blurred, I admit. I'll try that out.

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BTW: I was looking at the old C&C mod (unrl.), and if You'd ever want to make something like this, check Sennacherib's (aka Dante) Thyria: Sands of Resistance mod. His units use similar "motorcycle-style" helmet, and IIRC he lets others to use his units in other projects.

Anyway: good luck with bringing C&C universe to OFP!

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Thank you very much! :D

Well, I got them both in-game.

Introducing the GDI/Nod Minigunner (aka rifleman).

@krzychuzokecia: Don't worry, I will make sure to do the logo how you suggested, but I just wanted to get these guys in-game first. :)

To the screens:



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BTW: I was looking at the old C&C mod (unrl.), and if You'd ever want to make something like this, check Sennacherib's (aka Dante) Thyria: Sands of Resistance mod. His units use similar "motorcycle-style" helmet, and IIRC he lets others to use his units in other projects.

Anyway: good luck with bringing C&C universe to OFP!


I can give also the psd for the texturing. the two kinds of helmets have their own uvmapping :)

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Oh, that'd be nice to have on hand when I get to TibSun era, might be awhile, though. Right now I'm only doing TibDawn. Thanks regardless!

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So for infantry, I was thinking of giving them all custom pain and death sounds from CNC95. They're generic death sounds that you hear in multiple movies and video games, so they're technically everywhere, not just CNC, but I am wondering what people would think. They're all in wav format if I recall correctly. But I don't know if it'd sound too cheesy or what if I did include them in. It might get annoying for some, but for others they might enjoy it because it'd bring them back to the good old times. Can anyone point me in the right direction of adding these in?

Also, any particular reason why my GDI and Nod minigunners don't show up in their own little section? What I mean is I don't want to find them in 'men', I want to find them in something like, "C&C Infantry (GDI)" and "C&C Infantry (Nod)"?

Moving along, I've been reading up on making groups. I imagine I use cfggroup in the config, but I need to find the basic template for doing so. It's a bit annoying adding only one unit in at a time. I want a group of minigunners able to be spawned at will. I guess I should look at a few configs released by others to get an idea of the syntax. Cheers.

This post probably belongs in the config section, but I thought I'd ask in my own thread. Didn't know if that was allowed or not. Also it's early in the morning so I'm not exactly thinking straight.

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To give the units their own section in the editor menu use the following line in the unit's

config entries.

Vehicleclass = "C&C Infantry (GDI)";

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Oh, that helps. Thanks. Definitely convenient. I guess I was searching in the wrong places or something.

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Sorry for double-post.

Well, decided to give it a go and start retexturing vehicles. The logo is a tad blurry, but I forgot to save a .psd to fix that, sorry. Could just regrab a copy of the default texture and fix it that way. I think it would have indeed been better had I just replaced the army star textures on the front and side instead of removing them straight up from the model itself, but too late for that now I suppose.

Presenting the Brotherhood's iconic armored piece, the "light tank" (which IRL, it's an IFV and not a "tank") aka the M2A2 Bradley. I'm likely to just remove the passenger ability (like in Tiberian Dawn) and replace the 25mm cannon with a 75mm (just enlarging the barrel might do the trick, if a bit sloppy), to match what was actually in the game. But I'm going to aim for realism a bit and just keep the default stuff. Nod's 'hit and run' after all, it might come in handy to keep the passenger capacity and the normal 25mm cannon. Just it needs to watch out when a GDI Abrams is on the field.



I accidentally also deleted the muzzle flash model thingy "zashleh" or whatever that is and once I saved I didn't realize I didn't re-add it until it was too late, so I take it no muzzle flash in-game when I get this puppy in for the Brotherhood? Also I won't actually 'get it in' unless I know BIS allows me to; it is their intellectual property after all. I didn't see a thread which tells us what we can and can't use from BIS. Or maybe again I've been using the wrong keywords in search or haven't looked hard enough/in the right places? I guess I'll search again.

I don't know if the author(s) who made the Combat! Bradley pack is available, because I'd sure love their permission to reskin all their variants. Nod seems to need some M6 Linebackers for anti-air support. GDI will eventually be sending those little pesky Orca assault crafts (at this stage I consider those still experimental, non-tested). :P

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Awesome was thinking of making a tiberium dawn themed mission with new units too. :)

I prefered the way the nod units in dawn made them look like a privately funded militia rather then a propperly equiped military force.

Infact I prefered everything about the look of nod and gdi from the first game.

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Same here, I definitely agree too. It's just something I majorly wanted to see for OFP. We have technically 90% of the resources required to pull off the original era. Also, gonna get that Bradley in-game for Nod. I have my list of what I am going to be doing first, since again, most of the 90's era stuff is technically already available. I'm dedicated to getting all this out there asap for people to fool around with.

The major things I'll need help with are things like Obelisk of Light and such things like that, mainly model-wise. Ion Cannon strike ability would be cool too, but that would be down the road. The Ion Cannon in CNC95 and Tiberian Sun was more of a precision weapon than a collateral one. But in C&C 3 they were all like, "Pssh, let's destroy as much as possible." If anyone's willing to help me out, would be great. I might get to making the Calico M960 for the Minigunners/Riflemen. I plan on giving people as much variety as possible.

The Red Alert verse is also 90% possible and probably easier because of the fact that Red Alert 1 is Allies vs Russians. For the Allied GI's, probably going to use WWII GI's, since that's around that era. And for Russian Conscripts, well, you get the drill. If Silverhawk gives me permission to, I'll reskin his Mammoth tank for the Soviets. I think once this is all done, these two packs I want to do, I think it'll be awesome to see what people come up with in terms of missions. Also combat photography thread pictures.

I want to see A-10 Airstrikes on heavily fortified Nod bases. That would be freaking awesome.

(all with available resources released)

Humvee (many variations)

2.5 to 5 ton Truck

M1 Abrams (120mm cannon, 1 x .50-caliber [12.7 mm] M2HB 900 rounds heavy machine gun, 2 x 7.62 mm [.308] M240 machine guns [1 pintle-mounted, 1 coaxial] , Medium Tank)

M270 MLRS (M269 Launcher Loader Module, mobile rocket artillery)

M113 APC

CH-47 Chinook (Unarmed, Transport)

A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" (30 mm GAU-8/A Avenger gatling gun, Napalm [yes, napalm, since I saw it in-game)

CH-46 Sea Knight



DPV (instead of 2 weapons, it'd basically have a small rotatable turret on top. Maybe the 'gunner' is in the passenger seat controlling it kind of like a CROWS system on an HMMWV, but I can't pinpoint when remote weapon stations were invented. I know in the 2000's at least, right? Other military experts to help me clarify that would be appreciated)

M2 Bradley (75mm Tank Gun replacing the 25mm Chaingun, sacrifice troop carry capacity)

AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter (AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles, Hydra 70 Rocket pods, 30mm M230 Chaingun)

FA/22 Raptor

RAH-66 Commanche

Orca (Dragon TOW missiles, Gatling gun)

YF-23 (Fighter. Deployment: Skirmishes with Nod's F-22's in Africa)

MCV (Mobile Construction Vehicle)

Gunboat (sea support mainly. I'd give one to Nod as well just in-case. Just so they aren't left out during sea engagements)

Helicopter Carrier (look it up)

Hovercraft (technically amphibious, but often launched from carriers)

Guard Tower

Advanced Guard Tower

Ion Cannon Uplink/Advanced Communications Center

SSM Launcher

Recon Bike

Ezekiel's Wheel Stealth Tank (Special)

Pyradon Flame Tank (Special)

M110 Howitzer (Not as sophisticated as the MLRS)

Armed Freighter


Nod Turret

Obelisk of Light

Sam Site

Temple of Nod (special)

Shore Defense Cannon (massive version of the Nod turret, featured in Renegade)

Hand of Nod


Tiberium Refinery


Communications Center

Advanced Communications Center

Black Hand Elites/Snipers

Flamethrower Troopers (likely a normal Nod soldier with gasmask and gas tanks, can set people on fire from afar, duh)

All weapons featured in Renegade, will be used as 'experimental' weapons more than anything.


Repair Pad

Power Plants

Aircraft Carrier



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Don't worry everyone, still interested in this, but perhaps some help would be nice. A team-up perhaps? If there's an easier way to understand this crap, just lemme know. I think a redo is needed anyhow. I still have the textures (I think) and I'll likely use them, but perhaps if there's a speedier way to get stuff out without sacrificing quality, would like to know. It's mainly the configs I have to worry about - I can do everything else just fine. There's like 100's of different things when looking at BIS' configs and I'm literally going, "Okay, but what exactly do I need?"

Am I just mentally challenged when it comes to all this or incompetent?

Also I don't know if on my external I had the most recent stuff - I hope I didn't lose it all. Not that I had anything to show really. lol

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I didn't see this thread before and - wow - that's a really big load of things to model - are you doing this all by your own? And I know a bit about OFP configs, so if you have any specific questions, I'll gladly help out. I'm just a bit busy with everything right now, so my replies could take a bit of time.

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Considering I'm more of a reskinner/retexturer and I can't model to save my life, I may need someone to model things. But sure, config help would come in handy! Mainly I'll just need to know a more efficient way to setup infantry and vehicle groups so that users won't have to place an individual unit one by one. :P (but they'd still have the choice normally of course under the F1 tab). Another thing I'd like to learn is applying death and gunfire sounds to units and weapons. I have audio clips from RA and TibDawn (they both use recycled sounds from each other). The Obelisk should be the easiest one to deal with model-wise, I think. Though coding a gigantic 'charge-up' laser for it will be a pain, especially with texture.

Most units from TibDawn are classic 90's/early 2000 military equipment, so high-quality/med-quality reskins of already existing vehicles (UH-60, AH-64, CH-47, HMMWV, M1A1, M2A2, etc etc) and infantry (for infantry, I'm actually using Sanctuary's, not the reg inf models).

I have full loadouts planned for GDI and Nod infantry as shown on page 1. Infantry should generally be a cinch unless we're dealing with the Black Hand from Renegade, which would require new models all together anyways. It is a massive project to undertake, but perhaps a team for this will make it that much more of a possibility. CNC Tiberium and Red Alert universes are so rich of material. I'd be interested to see what this stuff would look like beyond the RTS's and the attempts to make large scale-shooters (Renegade).

I think it'd be pretty neat seeing a duel between Bradley IFV's and M1 Abrams MBT's. :P

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Here's a very useful collection of config file entries: http://www.ofpec.com/editors-depot/index.php?action=details&id=666

The gunfire sound (in CfgWeapons of the specific weapon) would be: sound[]={"\pboName\soundName.filetype",1,1};

And in OFP, units have hit-sounds, and no death sounds. But you can play death sounds by adding a 'killed' eventhandler which triggers a script playing a sound which is defined as death sound in the config:


class CfgSounds


class DeathSound1


name ="Death Sound 1";

sound[] = {"\pboName\soundName.filetype", db-20, 1.0};

titles[]={ };


class DeathSound2


name ="Death Sound 2";

sound[] = {"\pboName\soundName.filetype", db-20, 1.0};

titles[]={ };



---- in CfgVehicles ----

class Unit1: SoldierWB


vehicleClass="Nod Infantry";

--- and so on ----


class EventHandlers


killed = "_this exec ""\pboName\killed.sqs""";



--- killed.sqs in the pbo folder ---

_vehicle = _this select 0

_pos = "logic" camcreate getpos _vehicle

_pos setdir getdir _vehicle

_what = random 2

?_what >= 1: goto "one"


_pos say "DeathSound1"

goto "end"


_pos say "DeathSound2"



deletevehicle _pos


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I hope you're still working on it, and do not lose the courage to work on it, because even right now, it looks very good.

With Tiberian Dawn there shouldn't be much modelling to do, seeing as both sides used Cold War stuff, only GDI being a little bit more advanced than NOD, that uses NATO stuff. (For example, GDI uses Orca and NOD uses A-64)

Damn it, I really need to conquer my laziness, or wait till summer and I might learn how to model and help.

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I lost my files unfortunately with the other comp and whatever I had on my old external. I was planning on restarting anyways. Just need to master on configs for new units.

Good thing I'm starting with Tib Dawn, eh? I have that list for anyone who wishes to take up modeling for stuff that needs it.

After the Tib Dawn pack, gonna do Red Alert 1 (and expansions). Same thing there pretty much regarding model work. Hopefully can release small demos over time.

I'm also gonna be working on these kinds of packs for ArmA 2 as well.

Here's the series of games I'm gonna be working with:

CNC Tiberium-verse

CNC Red Alert-verse

CNC Generals-verse

So pretty much full circle. I'll only do 'CNC4' units to an extent, though, as I always just wanted to throw up every time I played that. But everything else, I will be working on over time. But that's the future. For now, one pack, Tib Dawn!

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Revan here. From now on, this mod will be under a new title! This title will reflect an overall arcing 'story' we've come up with. This thread will also be renamed to the mod's title. This is still going to be the same mod, of course, but we've decided on a presumably, final title and overall story (the story will be posted in due time). But do not think that our story will limit mission makers to our 'universe', no - far from. If anything, hopefully people will be able to mix and match things to their own CNC fantasy. :)

The mod's name is now Brotherhood Rising. I will make a proper logo and banner for it later this evening or tomorrow. I hope that, when the story is posted, people will like it. Long time Command and Conquer fans of all universes should appreciate the effort at the very least. :)

Also, more content is coming soonish. Can't give an exact date.

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Well after a lot of work today, I retextured Stu's GDI and Nod Harvesters for use in CNC BR. His addon was 100% free for use and was unfinished, so I brought it upon myself to retexture them and fix up the configs that came with them. Here's the original link to his harvesters: http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/NOD_GDI_Harvester;55411

These are my edits.




http://i.imgur.com/icNAGjc.jpg (I'll fix the steering wheel later)










Also, thanks to krzychuzokecia, we have more infantry (definitely better looking. There should be an update to them soonish):



Let's give a thanks to Maczer for donating some air assets!







And helipads. :P


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