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Dutch Armed Forces

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F-16 Falcon Demoteam + Smokewinders


Hercules C-130H




Chinook CH-47


AB-412 SP SAR No.303 Squadron



The Mod:

F-16A First Dutch Falcon (J-229)

F-16A Demoteam 2008 (J-055)

F-16A Demoteam 2013 + Smokewinders (J-015, 313sqn)

F-16A Tigerteam 2010 Edition (313sqn, J-222)

F-16A 50 Years 323sqn (J-248)

F-16A 60 Years 323sqn "Dirty Diana" (J-881)

F-16A Fighters (J-061/064 322sqn, J-873 + J-251 323sqn)

F-35B Lightning II (F-001)

C-130H Hercules (G-273, 275, 781, 998)

P-3C Orion

PC-7 Pilatus Turbo Trainer

Raven UAV (Backpack)

AH-64D Apache

CH-47(D & F) Chinook (D-101 & D-892)

AB-412 (SP SAR 303sqn R-01) & UH-1Y

NH-90 NFH, AS-532U2 Cougar MK II, Lynx

MBT Leopard 2A6 & Cheetah AA, CV-9035

Boxer, Patria XA-188, The Fox (NBC), YPR, M113, M577

RG31 Nyala, Fennek, G250 Wolf, Land Rovers

T810 Support Trucks, Caterpillar,

M1030, TT650, ATVs & Towing tractors

WalrusClass Submarine, RHIBs & SOC-R, Life Raft

Male & Female soldiers, Pilots, Crew & Guard dogs

Ammo crates, Army Goggle Pack, National & Army Flags

Dutch train Carriages, Scania & Skoda Firefighters, Commercial Airbus A319 & A320

Retextures By:


F-16A Tigerteam 2010 J-222

F-16A Demoteam 2008 J-055

F-16A Demoteam 2013 J-015

F-16A The First Dutch Falcon J-229

Lots of pilots & engineer

Aart: Chinook & Boxer

Vince: Air Maneuver Brigade units & F-16A "Dirty Diana"

Tuttie: Crew chief and helicopter pilot


Vince: F-16 J-873 fix, Diemaco C8 Camo

Pimmie: CV-9035, AH-64 (LV Roundel) & Wolf


Aart (in game) & -=XTRA=-Rico

Loading screen by: =KCT=Blackmamba

This mod is made by and for arma players with the permission of the original modmakers. We are looking forward to expanding and enhancing this mod for the best possible experience. We are also on the lookout for adding arma maps of the Netherlands, Navy vessels and other Dutch branded objects. If you have any questions or would like to help us out in any way please don't hesitate to ask!

More to come...

You can download this from:


Dutch Armed Forces mod v0.3 beta




Community Base Addons

Arma 2

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

ACR (Lite)


0.56 (18-12-2013)

-added: Mod Installation Instructions

-added: pistol animation replacement & Broadcast Reloading Animation

-added: TGW weapon Zeroing & ANZINS Weapon mods

-added: Movement mod & Non-blinding sun mod

-added: Map Autobrightness & RMM_noMapTex mod

-added: Two Lights Beams for vehicles

-added: EasyFly_by_Celery (in pbo form)

-added: Walrus Class Submarine (Mando Missile included) & tender

-added: Chopper pilot for NH-90 & Cougar

-added: Fennek (WIP)

-added: Dutch diesel locomotive & gachopin train module

-added: Orange smokewinder

-added: lots of flags

-added: SIG Sauer P226 9mm pistol & Glock G17 SD

-added: launcher box, machinegun box, Panzerfaust3 boxes

-added: new (inko disposable) Panzerfaust3 (old: vil_Panzerfaust3 <new> doy_Pzf3_dm22)

-added: FN MAG 58 tripod's & FN MAG 58 +Optics (old: vil_fnmag <new> DAF_mag58_ELCAN)

-updated: all MAG's now have the same sound & Diemaco C9 has same sound

-updated: A2020 medics can now heal

-updated: F16 J-061 skin

-updated: NH-90 sound, added door script

-updated: NH-90, Cougar & AB-412 SAR & CH-47D can now use fastropes

-updated: CH-47D can use slingropes

-updated: replaced SAR Crew helmet (blue > green)

-updated: Fox (NBC) now have Hazmat units as crew

-updated: some obsolete files removed, name & config changes, new icons..

0.49 (21-11-2013)

-added: Foliage camouflage system (beta) & Camo Faces (Thx to _William)

-added: Deployable Camo Nets

-added: Guard dogs

-added: "Osdorp 13-3438" (Scania R500) & Skoda Octavia Firefighters

-added: A319 Hostage Situation version

-added /changed: Replaced AB412 SAR + added door script (new classname daf_Bell412 && daf_ab412_c = DELETED)

-added: FN MAG Tripod backpack & MAG tripod can now be disassembled

-added: F16A/M Demoteam 2008 (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3)

-added: 50years 323sqn edition & J-061 till 064 (toned down skin) 2013

-updated: new F-16 Demoteam 2013 (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3) & New Exhaust for all F-16

-updated: Smokewinder (other temporary model)

-updated: Texture errors of the UH1-Y & F-16 (vxr_f16nld + Tiger)

-updated: CH-47F Texture & lift script: most carried vehicles now visible & Wolf added to the list

-updated: KLM A319 & A320, some pilots, CV-9035, AIFV/YPR765's, Leopard 2A6 & Diemaco Camo textures

-updated: UH1-Y sound (by RobertHammer)

-updated: cfgpatches of daf_raven.pbo (from MicroAirVehicles to > DAF_MicroAirVehicles) for compatibility reasons

-updated: cfgpatches of daf_weapons.pbo (from M32Variant to > daf_M32Variant) for compatibility reasons

-updated: Airplanes now have own config group

-updated: All missions to current DAF version & made mission.pbo for easy use

-updated: Some small script fixes, name changes & new unit icons

0.40 (02-10-2013)

-added: RNLAF First Dutch Falcon F-16 (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3)

-added: RNLAF F-35B Lightning II (F-001)

-added: RNLAF CH-47F Chinook (D,892)

-added: P-3 Orion V22 in two different colors

-added: UH-1Y

-added: M113 (MG: desert & woodland & camo) & M577 HQ

-added: Land rover (Normal + Special)

-added: Remington 870 Shotgun & MP59 (UZI)

-added: SOC-R

-updated: RNLAF F16 Tiger Team texture (Final)

-updated: AMB leader faction config entry mix-up & AMB voices now British

-updated: Leopard now has tank crew

0.30 (11-01-2013)

-added: P90 by RobertHammer in 8 variants

-added: C130H (by CRASHNZ) in 7 versions > daf_c130h

-added: INKO Disposable (by Inkompetent v1.3)

-added: two ammoboxes & two backpacks (DDAM mod items) & 334sqn flag

-updated: Raven UAV to v1.6 & Hazmat units to v1.0

-updated: F16 demo: smoke replaced with 'the smokewinder script 'by -=XTRA=-Tox1m, added navi lights

-updated: daf_f16_paint config missing ";",

-updated: Boxer License plate number & Fox desert skin

-updated: Tow truck sound config, KLM captain speaker appointed

-updated: daf_scrips configsound typo's & Leopard now has NV

-updated: updating base class randomness in lots of configs

-updated: Boat Rescue_Para now hidden in editor (double entry)

-removed: amb vilas test beret unit

-removed: daf_c130 pbo & C130J_US_EP1 classname

-removed: DAF_Phanzerfaust incl. DAF_PzF_3 & DAF_PzF_3T ammo (use Vilas version)

-removed: some obsolete files here and there

0.251 (16-12-2012) (hotfix)

-updated: glt falcon class (not fixed in last patch)

-updated: a2020_dutch_infantry package error (thanks to Sickboy)

0.25 (15-12-12)

-added: RG31 Nyala, Westland Lynx

-added: Tow trucks, dirt bikes, ATVs & boats

-added: F16 tigerteam pilot + 4 others & Hazmat units (hazmat =beta!)

-added: tank crewman, desert crewman, desert engineer & ground crew

-added: L115A3 pack, FN mag58, C8 AG Elcan & C8 Aimpoint (normal and desert camo)

-added: custom loading texts

-updated: F16 Demoteam to shiny version without bomb holders

-updated: loading screens, mod icon & RNLAF flag

-updated: Leopard muzzle flash & targeting

-updated: NH90 sound, texture & shadows

-updated: Patria texture + Patria & CV90 nohq's

-updated: Fuchs rename > The FOX & tactical sign change to NBC

-updated: glt_f16 + glt_falcon now both in cfgpatch

-updated: Pilot texture problem & backpack function, added Engineer patches

-updated: Slatts goggles pack v2.0

-updated: daf_raven parts, flags & static weapons now have specific group in editor

-updated: static have Dutch units as crew

-updated: name correction: CAS > CAP (F16 classname is now the same as the .xml)

-removed: addon: daf_cougar_c (merged with daf_cougar)

-removed: addon: daf_static (merged with daf_ammobox)

-removed: class: A2020_M249 , A2020_m249p , A2020_m249pelcan (replaced by C9 minime's)

-some other small fixes probably...

0.2 (08-11-2012)

-added: F16A/M 322sqn (J-873 & J-251) in CAS and AG loadout (J-251 (VXR's skin)

-added: Unit Groups for the Editor

-added: Map icon Dutch faction & Flags of Dutch Armies

-added: A320 AERCAP (commercial airliner) > removed the second A320KLMAF

-added: 6 new backpacks & Static Weapon Backpacks

-added: C9 (aimpoint & iron sights)

-added: Ten T810 Trucks (incl: Repair, refuel, ammo) desert and woodland camo (temp.)

-added: female & AMB Unit (OA Based unit as test)w

-added: 2 Assistant ATGM soldiers

-added: Caterpillar D7H

-updated: C9 Elcan texture and weaponlist entry

-updated: Ammobox contents

-updated: F-16 Tiger team [FINAL] (-=XTRA=-Gooz3)

-updated: F-16 (J-873) (VXR) decals and paintjob correction (Arthur Vince)

-updated: F-16 wreckage config problem

-updated: Vehicle tactical signs to 1/103 (was 5/403)

-updated: Tank class & CV-9035 config problems (thanks to markb50k)

-updated: Cheetah Sound

-renamed: daf_klm pbo > daf_units; vxr, tiger, diana & demoteam > daf_f16_paint;

m32_variant > daf_weapons; Smokewinder > daf_smokewinder (pbo move only, classnames unchanged!)

-removed: the second A320KLMAF (new classname = A320CAP2)

0.113 (23-10-2012)

-added: F-16A 60 Years 323sqn "Dirty Diana" (J-881) (Arthur Vince)

-added: daf_amb (Air Maneuver Brigade (Red Berets)) thx to Vince <Warning: High Error count>

-added: retexture of crewchief and helicopter pilot (thx to Tuttie[TDLu])

-added: A2020 model based desert and temperate officer

-added: Matt Brewer's F-16 Sound replacement

-added: AS-532U2 Cougar MK II

-added: CV9035 turn-out function (thx to GranQ)

-added: train carriages

-added: vapor trails script

-updated: F-16 Tigerteam J-222 by -=XTRA=-Gooz3!

-updated: Cheetah weaponclass & glt_flacon > glt_f16 config name change (issues)

-updated: Leopard & Cheetah texture

-updated: Leopard & Fuchs ACE support functions

-updated: AH64 Flares & gunner Termal-Imaging fixed

-updated: Fuchs Interior text replaced. medic Fuchs > NLD special service Fuchs (Nato & desert camo) all other Fuchs removed

-updated: configs classes & units inside vehicles

-removed: second F16 Tigersquad: new classname: daf_tiger_f16nld

0.112 (10-10-2012)

-added: [WIP] RNLAF F-16 Falcon Demoteam 50anniversery edit. J-222 (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3)

-added: Patria in desert and woodland skin

-added: Slatts ESS Goggles Pack, Dimaco C9 Minime Elcan + Aimpoint

-added: C8 desert camo, M32 black & desert camo, lots of stuff to the ammo crate

-added: RNLAF Fighter pilot, Engineer, KLM Pilot & Stewardess

-updated: Cheetah Guns and added antitank rounds (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3)

-updated: CV9035 & YPR texture (by Pimmie)

-updated: generic names for units updated, list of generic Dutch female names & baseclass units

-updated: C7 & C8 firemode fullauto to burst mode & display icons

-updated: NL unit flag, Fighter pilot helmets & some unit weapon layouts (AIAW)

-updated: Phz3 & HK-416 hand animations, some vehicle classes, modfolder and names, icons etc.

-updated: missilebox to latest version

-updated: credits

-removed: "DAF_Crew_Wdl_ACR","DAF_Soldier_Crew_EP1","DAF_Soldier_Crew_Light_EP1"

0.111 (22-09-2012)

< First Public release >

-added: Aart's CH-47 retexture

-updated: KLM A319 Skin

-updated: Super Tucano Skin

-replaced: the Boxer skin

-some small fixes

0.11 (19-09-2012)

-removed: xtra_gps & llwdaf & SSG69 (for now)

-added: new chinook texture

-added: smokewinder script (updated F16 and cfg) thanks to -=XTRA=-Tox1m

-f16 demoteam: pilot class created, visor fixed & helmet updated

-fixed: cfgfaces error

-fixed: A319 cabin error

-fixed: DAF definition & RNLAF faction error

0.1 (15-09-2012)

first closed beta


Disposable Launchers by Inkompetent

Aircraft Vapor Trails by Cole

Two LightS Beam for Vehicles by PFC Magician

Non-blinding sun mod & pistol animation replacement by Sakura_Chan

EasyFly Plane script by Celery

Submarine Torpedo scripts by Mando

Fastrope by Norrin 0.11

RMM_noMapTex by Rommel rev1

ASR Disable Cursor Text by Robalo [AS] v0.1 beta

Broadcast Reloading Animation in MP by Cyborg11 & kju v1.10

Movement & Map Autobrightness Mod by ShackTac v1.0 & v1.3

TGW weapon Zeroing v1.25, ANZINS Weapons & ANZINS Launchers mods 1.5.3

Thanks To:

Bohemia Interactive Studio: ArmA2

Aeneas2020, DDAM (sound compliments of Lord Jarhead), Dimitri Harkov, Binkowski, Eki,(Sic-Disaster), raven DK, Enad: Royal Netherlands Army v5.2

Vilas: CV-90, Patria, AIFV/YPR765, Skoda, Lots of Troops, Diemaco's, FN MAG58, HK416 & Spike

Konyo: MH-47E v1.3, Airbus A320 v1.3 + A319 Hostage Situation 1.0 & Engineers Toolbox v1.1

AMT & Bundeswehr Teams: Wolf, Fuch, Leopard, Gepard (v1.41 + v1.7)

BWMOD Team: Fennek (arma1 v1.0)

hcpookie: Special Operations Craft 3.0 & Deployable Camo Nets 2.0

Slatts(IRDF Mod) & Footmunch: Embraer Super Tucano (PC-9)

SWAT.TR & Mehmet06: Turkish Special Forces Red Berets

NZDF CRASH: AH-64D RNLAF v1, C130H v3, P-3C Orion V22

[FRL]Myke & Footmunch: F-16 & Missile pack v1.2 fixed

Michael Haegele: F-16 Falcon Demoteam 2010 for FSX

VXR: F-16 Falcon RNLAF v 0.9 beta

Matt Brewer: F-16 Sound Enhancement 2Beta

RobberHammer: HK416 & P90 v1.21 & 1.0 + UH1 Sound

Pedagne Mod Team: Submarine, Navy crew & Pilot

OFrP & MAF2Ext Team: NH-90 + Super Puma v3.0

Stiltman and ExplosiveAids: RG-31 Nyala v1.0

Meatball0311, VectorX96 & yurapetrov: Pilots

Feint: RQ-11 Raven mini-UAV v1.6 & F35 skin

_William: Foliage Camouflage System v0.9.1

Panzerfaust 3 -disposable by Donny RC1.3

SchnapsdroSel: Female US Soldier beta3

CheyenneAh56: AB-412 Rescue v beta

Marseille77: MP-59 v P85 v 23-9-12

-Martin-: OSShD-Y Train Carriages

Mondkalb: MBG Caterpillar 1.0

Slatts: ESS Goggles Pack 2.0

IceWindo: Hazmat Units v1.0

Trouble: AAC Lynx Mk7 v1.2

OOPz & P:UKF: L115A3 v1.01

DDAM: Scania Fire truck

ZYsd: Boxer 1.2 beta

Clayman: Dogs v1.2

Anzac bobman's: Bushmaster IMV (soonish)

Many many others that must have been forgot......

Edited by larsiano
Updated the Credits
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Good gracious. Thats an awesome first post. Cant wait to try these guys out..

Question: I know Vilas was working on some Dutch troops and has a pretty well working CV90 and AIFV already available. Maybe you guys can talk to him???

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Thanks! Ive registered at his forum and waiting for a reply but i think this will be oke! Here is a few more pics:











Edited by larsiano

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Good gracious. Thats an awesome first post. Cant wait to try these guys out..

Question: I know Vilas was working on some Dutch troops and has a pretty well working CV90 and AIFV already available. Maybe you guys can talk to him???

Vilas has dutch troops (bagpack capable), decent YPR (PRI and ambulance), SRAT (PzF3) and MRAT (Spike), a CV9035 which is closer to the CV9030 than to the CV9035NL (rear deck is 10cm lower than CV9035NL). See this link. I suggest asking him for help; Vilas' vehicles are powering many mods here.


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Just as a question of interest, how accurate to the real materials do you want all models to be?

So far I see some things that are different on the real thing.

C130: Does not use the full color roundel on the normal version of the C130, the full color roundel is only present on the C130H30 models used by the Dutch Airforce. Also missing the text below the cockpit (Koninklijke Luch.. etc.)

AH64: Also only uses the toned down roundel, the round on the engine needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise (last picture).

CH47: Roundel is toned down on all current airframes and located on the fueltanks.'

Hope this info will get it more accurate if wanted.

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Thanks for the tips VXR Some models still need to be looked after with more background information at hand indeed. The plan is to have the best possible likeness of every realtime model available. If there are different painjobs these will be added ad seperate addons. And if the bucked of 'old' mod becomes to big will make a DAF-Historic mod as well in due time. I've spend most of my time gathering mods and modrights as to setting up the initial modfiles etc soon to be released and will go back to mod specifics when its releases ..soon! we can use all the help we can get. What about your planes to make a new YPR?

Even more pics (note: some pics are from 2013)











Edited by larsiano
added pictures

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My YPR765 and MB is still WIP, not decided yet what to do with those. Will be Arma 3 or VBS2, depends how much free time I have the next months. Free time wont be much for the rest of this year for what I know so far, 2013 will bring more time off from work hopefully.

(latest status since I got drawn away from it http://armedassault.nl/ypr016.jpg)

Edited by VXR

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FYI, Vilas is on vacation until about another week.

But seriously, the amount of content you are putting together for this is very impressive. and if you need any help with config's or scripting, let me know. I've had to pour through ALOT of config's adding mods to my mission.

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Ah thats good to know. Thanks for the compliment. All the great 3D artists at BIS have made it easier on me to make this mod with just a few minor changes. We will try to update and expand this mod in the future once i find out how much stuff we really used and how much stuff is available within the community. We could use some help too with the scripts and error hunting etc. once its released in a week or two, ill keep you informed!

some pics:










Edited by larsiano
added some pics

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Dimaco C7 & C8, FN Minimi, HK416, Panzerfaust (SRAT)

..aint they from DDAM ?

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Yes, they were originaly in the A2020 Royal Netherlands Army units pack that was originaly ment to be in this mod. Maybe soon to be replaced by Vilas handy work.

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As long as the DDAM_Cx.pbo is still required its cool.


Royal Netherlands Army


Aeneas2020, Binkowski, Eki, (Sic-Disaster), Raven DK, Enad, the dutch community

Included .pbo files:







Edited by RavenDK

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This is looking very good and yes I am Dutch.

Where can I download this addon.


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This is looking very good and yes I am Dutch.

Where can I download this addon.


@army its not available to download yet, this is the discussion area of the forums. Im sure once it is ready you will see a download link :)

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My system had some problems but is operational again. It has been a long time and as far as i can see the mod is A-Oké! So the show is back on the road and my plan is to release the mod in about 48H B) Ill setup a aplha test with some simple missions etc. in the form of an event! Then maybe some experts could have a closer look at the pakage i created (about 1.2GB of package)

Just send me a PM if you would like to help test it!


Edited by larsiano

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love the guns, infintry units, air units/skins. good stuff. I just whish you would put it all under one faction in the editor Bluefor-> DAF->, air, men, armoured, cars, etc. Will there be an update in the near future?

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Thanks for the compliments! I plan to add them all to the same faction. Working with the mods over the last few months i have got more and more experience in how to do this and plan to correct it soon! There is much work to be done!

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Sweet mod, works perfect!

Is it true, that the sounds from the HK416 within DAF-units are different than the sounds from the original RobertHammer HK416 mod?

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This is looking great; as a Dutchman I have to proclaim my support for this mod. Keep up the good work :)

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Downloading and testing out to add to my mission.. some observations...

Your GLT_Missilebox and GLT_Missilebox_config PBO are much smaller ones than I have and are dated 2/8/2011.. and I believe i have the latest versions 1/14/2012. You may want to update your pack to include the latest.

for the other "non DAF" pbos, are these as-is from the other mod teams or did you edit them?.. some of them have different sizes and dates than the versions i have.

I'm assuming you did not touch the PBOs that don't start with daf_ right?

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I try to avoid having to change anything in the original PBO's. I did not know there was a new version of the misslebox available, ill replace that asap!.

Here is whats changed sofar:

F-16: added smokewinder script

VXR's F-16 > Move to DAF faction

vilas Dutch pack > Move to DAF faction

a2020_dutch_config: fixed a m249.artidispersion error & Move to DAF faction

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