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Bunny Hop Brigade

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Hello everybody! We are the Bunny Hop Brigade! We are a small, social gaming community based on pure fun, with a tint of serious gameplay.

We are currently recruiting any players who are looking for a serious yet fun and social environment to play in. We have our own Teamspeak server, and our own game server, with missions that we edit and re-script ourselves to add additional features, perks for our squad members, and sometimes just absolutely hilarious easter eggs (which are placed by the easter bunny of course!).

We play with both the ACE and ACRE mods, and aim for a very tactical approach with our gameplay. We've been playing ArmA together for around half a year now, after coming from many other games for the past few years, when we founded BHB.

Although we like to play serious, we are very laid-back at the same time, and I can promise you that you'll get your laughs if you stick around. We accept pretty much every person that wants to play with us, but please note that we are an 18+ community.

You can be as involved as you like with BHB. You don't have to come on for any training sessions, or certain times, we don't care if you only show up once every 3 weeks or 3 years either. If there's anything we need you to be trained to do, we'll do it dynamically as we play, it's far more fun, especially when a lot more is at stake, and things can go wrong.

The great thing about BHB that we've found is that the more that you DO play, the more you become acquainted with us, the more we can trust you to take important roles in our squad, and the more options we can give you as a player. For example, all of our frequent players have a personalized loadout, that they can instantly acquire upon entering the game.

We have a Steam group, and a Skype conference, to keep all of our members updated on the latest news to do with BHB. We've been working on a website as well, but we're unsure if we want to push ahead with this just yet.

We don't really have a roster, but I guess you could say we have a "frequent" roster, which is currently as follows:

Sergeant - [bHB]Bates

Corporal - [bHB]Quake

Corpsman - [bHB]Cosmo

Sniper/Marksman -[bHB]Dolan

Frying Pan Specialist - [bHB]Lewys

"Kith Rambo" - [bHB]Kith

Talk to any one of these people and we can start getting you involved in the greatness known as the Bunny Hop Brigade! Feel free to swing by and have a chat with us on our Teamspeak as well, just say you're from the BIS forums. We'll answer any questions you have, after all, we might be different from what you expect!

Teamspeak IP:

Hope to have you hopping around with us soon! ;)

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