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SP Mission "flying fire brigade" by Steinfisch (MeeneAtze)

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"Flying fire brigade" is a mission with mixed infantry and armored operations

Mode: Singleplayer (Coop).

Download link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/75554754/Flying_Fire_Brigade.zip

Author: Steinfisch, iron front forum profile "MeeneAtze".

Language: English and german.



Installation: Copy .ifa file to %Gamefolder%\missions.

Side: Germany, 2./ Pz.Rgt. 5.

Story: Russian Guards Tank Regiment managed to break into the front near Dobrov. The Pz.Rgt. 5 attempts to straighten the front again, but is stopped by a Pak. bars. Lieutenant von Helmholtz, a survivor of reamed Kampfgruppe Berger is asked to help ...

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