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You run a team/squad/clan? Looking for other teams 2 play together/against? Skype grp

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I've opened up a Skype group chat: ArmaCOXOs.

Purpose? To unite all C/Os, X/Os and "official fight organizers" (no other players allowed from your team!) to communicate and organize coop and tvt events every week.

I have a Slovenian based team (SBP) that is active since 2001. We used to play over LAN parties, but lately we rather spend time online and use social events for shooting our guns and rifles ;) if you're looking for organized team to play with or against, lemme know.

How to join?

Skype my name (icebreakr) and report your name, your team and country. Then I'll add you to the chat group.

p.s. mods please stick this on top, I think is it quite beneficial to the Multiplayer of Arma series?

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