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Cannot update Battleye 1.164 to 1.165

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Hi, i want play 2 mod DayZ but when i join through IN-GAME server browser and Six Luncher

they cannot update and kicked me from any1 server dayz:




I already used beta patch ARMA2_OA_Build_95248.zip

uninstalled Battleye from folder instal nwe

instaled new http://battleye.com/download.html

Reinstalled game 3 times and cannot play that fu... game.

also download and instaled game through six updater.\



Is BI studio could not do the internal updater only have to do everything manually. This is just ridiculous.

not because I bought the game for $ 20 would not play it ...

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@up I know why it is called 'beta-testing'

but it should get Beta Updater etc....

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