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ArmA Wargames - PVP Tournament

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Arma Wargames was started in December 2011 as an online tournament, that focuses on large scale combined-arms PvP battles.

Players can join one of two armies and meet during the week in their private Teamspeak channels and on the forum to plan and practice their battle strategy for the upcoming weekend. Come battle time, you will follow your General and Squad mates into battle and help your team to achieve victory over the opposing force. We have just finished our second campaign and are about to begin with our third.

Each campaign lasts 8 weeks with weekly 3-hour long battles every Sunday evening (UTC +1)

Campaign 3 has just started and with the new units getting ready it's an ideal time to join in.

Come check out our teamspeak 3 server at password is echo.

Watch some of our previous battles and get an idea of how we play.

Campaign Two playlist

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