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Problem with perspective when looking through my aimpoint...

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For the purpose of this post, "EYE PIECE" will mean the rear of the scope, where you look into...."LENSE" will mean the front of the scope (Toward the target)

If you look through the BIS Aimpoint M4 that is on the SCAR rifles, you have a pretty decent field of view through the scope. (The eye piece, and lense are pretty much the same size).

When I try to add a similar sized red dot sight to a model, and look through it in game, the perspective seems to be exaggerated. (The lense is considerably smaller than the eye piece).

The tube of the scope narrows...like you are looking into a funnel.

In O2, my lense in larger than my eye piece.

Why is this happening with my sight, and not with the BIS sight?

Is there something in the config that controls the perspective while aiming through the sight?

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