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Some addon questions

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Hello everybody. I'm new to this ARMA game and I have few questions:


Where to download island addons?


Where to download those sound/island/addon/infantry modding tools?

Which is a best tool to download? There are many. I know.

Question 3:

Where to get some tutorials for this all?

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Thanks zigzag. This will help me a lot.

One question more:

I have these game versions:







Are these game versions up to date or do I need to download updates?

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Sorry for double posting but one question more:

WHY these ARMA island addons are so helluva large in size. In OFP they where much smaller. Is it packing or texture handling or what?

Sorry for double posting but I have to say this:

I just played little bit with this ARMA and this is really good game. Graphics are just amazing there. Even the old BIS:OFP islands are nothing like the same. So thank you BIS for this awesome game. Well done. Well done indeed.

Just one more question:

Many islands require addon called CAplants. I this is addon called CAA1. Where to download it and what is it?

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Frequently Asked Questions


in a nutshell:

The Following Islands are what you are getting from Caa1:

Arma 1 islands




-United Sahrani

-Southern Sahrani

Thats what the mod is Arma1 islands ported to Arma2, and some misc stuff.

Download it here:


or here:


any more questions about CAA1 use this thread:


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GÃœNTER thanks for all the info. Much needed here. Because CAA1 is importing ARMA to ARMA2/OA I think I can leave that ARMA alone and concentrate to ARMA2/OA and OFP.

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Please do not doublepost. You can edit posts by clicking "Edit Post" (duh) in the lower right corner of the respective post.

Also let me tell you that some (not all, i agree on that) questions could have been answered by a simple google search.


Also this here is the wrong subforum as here it is the place to present/discuss addons that are currently under development. Moving to "Questions & Answers".

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