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co26 @I44 Refueling The Beast [I44 CO]

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Hi all.

Introducing my fourth coop for I44 mod.

This one is playable as germans on Merderet Winter.

Armaholic mirror:

- Refueling The Beast Co-26 (@)

Download v1.0 from here

Mission info:

*Playable side: Germans

*Location: Merderet Winter

*Respawn: "GROUP"

The mission is divided for two german engineer teams which must ambush a british convoy and capture a fuel truck.

The truck is to be used to refuel a panzer and attack Chef-Du-Pont. Both sides are running low on supplies.

I strongly recommend human control for both teams because otherwise the ambush will be spoiled.

Use the other team to lay some mines and wait for the fuel truck and the other team to engage tanks with a pak40 from the other side of the road.


This is not fully tested through so let me know of any issues.



- BIS/BIA for their great simulators.

- I44 team

- JTF-2 for test assistance

- Shuko for taskmaster2

- Marlene Dietrich



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