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How to make static object to be destroyable?

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I know this has stg to do with .cfg but i simply don't have enough experience in this part of creating

static objects...

So lets say I have this barbedwire,and i want it to be destroyed with satchel,and when satchel destroy every single thing in 20 meters, only my barbedwire is still there...And yes I have changed in config armor to 200,more or less it does not want to dissappear....maybe example config?

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// Objects by Matteo1944

#define TEast 0

#define TWest 1

#define TGuerrila 2

#define TCivilian 3

#define TSideUnknown 4

#define TEnemy 5

#define TFriendly 6

#define TLogic 7

#define true 1

#define false 0

#define private 0

#define protected 1

#define public 2

class CfgPatches


class WW2


units[] = {



weapons[] = {};

requiredVersion = 1.01;



class CfgVehicles


class All {};

class AllVehicles: All {};

class Land: AllVehicles {};

class Static : Land {};

class Building : Static {};

class Strategic: Building{};

class bbwire: Strategic





vehicleClass="Matteo1944- D-day Objects";




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Ok, so, you should add a destruction type in the config, such as

 destrType = "DestructBuilding";

All destruction types are here.

If it doesn't work :

(1) are there some named propreties in the geometry lod of the object (in oxygen, menu => "window" =>"Named Properties") ? If yes, which one ?

(2) Lower the armor value.

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