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co 08 Aufklarer

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Aufklarer (coop 8 players)

August 1944, Staszow.

After fierce fighting, the front lines have stagnated between Nizny and Jasnoi. Commander of 5.Kompanie, Hauptmann Kleist, has orderer your aufklarer squad to conduct recon behind enemy lines to find out Soviet intentions. Avoid enemy contact if possible. Morning fog and smoke from forest fires should give some cover your patrol. Be aware that the Soviets have concentrated powerful forces around village of Kurozweki.

- Reach waypoint 1.

- Reach waypoint 2.

- Reach waypoint 3.

- Get back to HQ.

DOWNLOAD: co 08 aufklarer

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Good mission! Me and my friends played it on Expert. : D Some screenshots of it:




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