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Working Animations + Anim loop script

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Hi all,

I was making my mission and as part of the development I was also planning to implement various animations, however for some reason certain animations that we know from ArmA2 might not exactly work as we are used to. I tried to use the anim viewer and working my way trough the animations but I was not able to make them work, but I kept looking for a solution. After the past Q&A Panzer_baron said he would release the list for the anims in Iron front but in the mean while I have a small list of already working anims here.

I thought it might help the community a bit till we get a more detailed list.

To make them work you will need to place a trigger for some reason the animations aren't working from within the units initialization box.


Name the unit AN1

Place a trigger on the map size 10 by 10, place the trigger above the unit and within the trigger

Activation: whichever side the unit is or to make it easy Anybody.

Condition: This

On Act:

AN1 switchmove "intro_saed";

Example2: This includes using a script! Which will cause the animations to loop indefinitely..

Place the code in to a SQF and call it animationLoop.sqf

Code without Weapons.

_unit = _this select 0;
_animation = _this select 1;
_noWeapons = _this select 2;

_unit setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true];
if (_noWeapons) then {removeAllWeapons _unit};

while {true} do {
_unit switchMove _animation;
waitUntil {!(animationState _unit == _animation)};

Code with weapons.

_unit = _this select 0;
_animation = _this select 1;

_unit setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true];
if (_noWeapons) then {removeAllWeapons _unit};

while {true} do {
_unit switchMove _animation;
waitUntil {!(animationState _unit == _animation)};

Then do the same as with example1 but change the code in the on act field like this.

Name the unit AN1

Place a trigger on the map size 10 by 10, place the trigger above the unit and within the trigger

Activation: whichever side the unit is or to make it easy Anybody.

Condition: This

On Act:

AN1 switchmove "LHD_midDeck"; nil = [AN1,"LHD_midDeck",true] execVM "animationLoop.sqf";

Be aware of the fact that this freezes up certain animations on the end and it might not work on several of them!

Also I am not the author of the script! and as of this moment I do not know who the author is as the script wasn't signed.

Animation list:

Sitting on ground:

  • AidlPsitMstpSnonWnonDnon_ground00

Hanging over hedge:

  • c5efe_AlexLoopIngame

Hanging beign hurt:

  • C5efe_honzaLoop

Workout getting tierd:

  • AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_initLoop

Looking over deck:

  • LHD_midDeck
  • LHD_krajPaluby
  • LHD_hiDeck

Holding on bars looking around:

  • Csdr_LHD_oprenOzabradli118cm_A

Leaning on object:

  • TowingTractorSupport

Repairing while standing:

  • RepairingErc

Sitting on ground animated:

  • intro_delta3sedIn
  • intro_delta3sedLoop

Standing with hands behind back animated:

  • intro_deltaStani

Various - Talking Standing and pointing, animated:

  • intro_saed
  • C5calming_zevl5
  • C5calming_apc

Chearing and clapping 2 hands above head:

  • c7a_bravo_dovadeni1

Chearing 1 hand above head:

  • c7a_bravo_dovadeni2

Chearing hands waving above head:

  • c7a_bravo_dovadeni3

Chearing clapping bother hands in front of character:

  • c7a_bravo_dovadeni4

Chearing and poiting:

  • c7a_bravo_dovadeni5

Applying CPR:

  • AinvPknlMstpSnonWrflDr_medic0

Prisoners sitting hands tied behind back:

  • boundCaptive_loop
  • boundCaptive_loop1
  • boundCaptive_loop2
  • boundCaptive_loop3
  • boundCaptive_loop4

  • ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Sykes
  • ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Rodriguez
  • ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Ohara
  • ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Cooper

Prisoners standing hands tied behind back?:

  • UnaErcPoslechVelitele1

Guard stand:

  • c4coming2cdf_cooper
  • c4coming2napa_cooper

Working, fixing while standing:

  • ActsPercSnonWnonDnon_assembling

Lying on ground while talking:

  • AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepC_talk

Sleeping on ground:

  • AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_sleep1
  • AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_sleep2
  • AidlPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_SleepA_sleep3

Taling with hands together, Bardak:

  • ActsPercMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Bardak

Idle stance:

  • CtsPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_idle33rejpaniVzadku

Sitting on chair with rifle:

  • sitRfl_R_BidleLoopTest

Various amimation loops:

  • poslouchaniproslovgenerala_CsdrAidlPercMstpSnon_ruceZaZady
  • poslouchaniproslovgenerala_CsdrAidlPercMstpSnon_ruceZaZadyTOerc

Good for video editing:

Put the following code in to a gamelogic location initialization line

this exec "camera.sqs"

  • CE0ExecFail_Aziz
  • CE0ExecFail_guard1
  • CE0ExecFail_guard2
  • ActsPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Kostey
  • ActsPercMstpSlowWrflDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Homeless
  • ActsPercMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Lopotev1
  • ActsPercMstpSlowWpstDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Lopotev2
  • CtsDoktor_Vojak_uder3
  • shaftoe_c0briefing_otazky_loop
  • c4manhmassacre_cooper
  • C7D_cooper
  • C7D_zevl1

I hope this helps a bit for now till we get a more detailed release, I might update this post when I find more animations that work within Iron front ..

Kind regards

Edited by KBourne
Updated list and added anim loop script.

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Hi there,

anyone know the animations they use in the background of Iron Front ? Like in the russian camp ? or the germans walking by near a destroyed tank ?

I searched for them, but it seems like, I'm just unable to do so.

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