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Error reading text file 'ca\plants\data\clutter_grass_general.rvmat'

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hey everyone,

I have been messing with L3DTse. Thought I would try pushing an L3dt terrain thru Visitor. I am always checking out texture tools and height/terrain editor tools with Visitor to arma. Never any problems for a couple of years nows.

Now out of the blue I got this error, and I can't track down the problem. Suddenly out of the blue CfgConvertFileChng is trying to read and convert the rvmat files from my P\ca\plants\data. Same for rocks!

I have no clue what started this I have been using the same config file forever no changes to any paths or file names. I just save a new texture or height map over an existing one. Using the same name no need to edit layercfg, config.cpp, or rvmats. Always working from the same namespace and saving to the same @SRS folder in ARMA dir. So no changes to config.cpp or binpbo options. I get this same error for all entries in clutter.........................

Error reading text file 'ca\plants\data\clutter_grass_general.rvmat'

p:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Tools\BinMake\CfgConvertFileChng\CfgConvertFileChng.exe returned error 1

If anyone has come across this or seen a post? The help would be appreciated. I have looked and googled several times and found some references. Nothing that helps in my situation.

Thanks all for reading my plea for help.......................

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