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co20 @I44 The Cabourg Cauldron [CO-I44]

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Here's my third mission for the I44 mod.

co20 @I44 The Cabourg Cauldron v1.0

I decided to use taskmaster2 on this one since the previous missions with default briefing have a tendency to work poorly on JIP.

(Let me know if anyone wants the previous 2 missions also altered like this)

Download mission from here

Mission intel in short:

D-day is proceeding nicely but german activity is noted in village of Cabourg. Clear the village.

In your disposal are one sherman tank, one greyhound halftrack and a truck.

Playable units consist of 3 tank crew + 17 infantry units

Mission has group respawn with BIS medic modules + healing script by Celery.




- BIS/BIA for their great simulators.

- I44 team

- JTF-2 for test assistance

- Celery for heal script

- Shuko for taskmaster2

The mission counts the fourth task done when there is fewer than 3 germans on marker area.




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