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Where are the benchmark results?

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Hi as the title states, I was wondering if ther is a record of benchmark results for TOH, Im running some tests as I have a sandybridge and Ivybridge setup..

My setup..

I7 2700K over clocked to 4.6 ghz

Asus maximus Extreme Z

Corsair vengance 8gb

SSD corsaire force 3 120gb

Nvidia GTX 590

I set TOH video settings to that in the screenshot in RiE's Set Up Spoiler: from this post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?126178-Take-On-Video-Settings!

But with 1920x1080 res..

My results running the seatle benchmark..

Set as per forum

Min 35

Avg 52

Max 62

Sliders set to max

Sliders to max

min 9

avg 13

max 26

Im now goimg to set up my ivybridge system and try them again

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