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Camera following an object, Identitiies , groups and waypoints

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1.How do i make camera follow a certain object? Such as helicopter or the units sitting in the helicopter?

2.Also, i have a identity. I have a code like this:

class CfgIdentities
*** ***class Jeremy_M
*** ***{
*** *** *** ***name="Jeremy Meyers";
*** *** *** ***face="Face55";
*** *** *** ***glasses="None";
*** *** *** ***speaker="Dan";
*** *** *** ***pitch=1.2;
*** ***};

I saved it as identities.sqs in the mission folder and then in the player init field i wrote Jeremy_M setIdentity "Jeremy_M"

Wouldnt work.

BTW - Players name is Jeremy_M

2.Also, for example i want to make a radio chatter during the mission that would say for example

"So, what are the emotions? We're going to the war after all"

"All fine. I heard we've been there before and kicked some ass. Shouldnt be different this time"

and etc.

3. Mission starts with a helicopter already in the air. I made a waypoint to it to disembark on a little island. What i want to do is after disembarking to make soldiers to enter the boats. After the "GET OUT" waypoint i make the one directed to the boats with "GET IN" objective, but after disembarking the officer would instead command to mount up the helicopter once again.

How do i make this work out? I have my boats named as ship1,ship2,ship3,ship4

4. How do i make a group?

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