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11th Pegasus is recruiting

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Introduction to us.

The 11th Pegasus is a newly formed ACE unit that plays seriously, and have fun playing seriously.

We don't really enjoy people who say "Casual" because that makes it sound like you aren't trying.

Whilst not being EXTREMELY serious, you need to have maturity.

Training and Ranks

Every recruit will complete 3 hours of training before they are granted the rank of Private. This is called basic training and teaches you everything from how to shoot to formations and navigation. From there advanced training covers everything from demolitions to vehicles and special weapons.


There are trainings on Monday and Wednesday at 1800 GMT and a mission on Saturday 1800 GMT. These are every week and if you cannot attend, please let me know.


You own copy of ArmA II: Combined Operations and ACE ( If not I can help you set it up)

You are willing to follow instructions

You have are mature

You can handle being shot at. (If not practise makes perfect and you can be taught some tricks to keep cool. You may say this is a video game/simulator but many people find themselves immersed and can be jumpy/nervous)

Can understand English

Having a working microphone and TS3

Have some spare time

Add me on steam : Redwards4

Join our TS:

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