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Valley of Banran - Beta v1.0

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Today I present you my first release of my first island.

It was my first steps on making an island. So it could be possible that there are some bugs inside.

But I hope I can give something to the community, what will bring them fun and variety in your Arma2 day.

Enjoy it, and if you find any bugs, please report it here in this thread.

I also want to thank those people who made this possible:

BIS - for all their structure, textures and plants

Bushlurker - for his perfect beginner Tutorial and source files

Opteryx - for his Opx addons

Mikebart - for his great rocks

Berghoff - for his excellent African fooliage

Bis Forum Edit(visitor) Crew for helping out with some answers!

DorsalRegent for writing the readme

MadMike for his art design support

and last but not least,

the whole Brigade2010 for their support and testing!


- 5x5km Terrain

- World in a Savannah style with jungle elements

- huge oasis in the middle

- military base with small airstrip

- military und industrial trainstation

- some settlements and one city

- V2 Bisigns & Key included

Needed Addons:

African fooliage

Mikebart's Rocks




*Note: You can find opx-addons in other Islands like Helmand Sangin or Clafghan.






Some pictures:









Edited by Donny

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Well done Donny! congrats on your release :)

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Nice island - thanks for sharing! I like the smugglers cove!

I did a quick fly around in ToH:ReArmed earlier today - apologies for the poor FPS - I was having Crossfire issues!


Edited by Jedra

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This looks well done can't wait to try it out!! Thanks for the quick tour vid Jedra

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Many thanks for the effort Donny looks fantastic.

Armaholic informed. :)

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Hmm perhaps you can't land in smugglers cove?




A bottle of (virtual) rum to the land lubber than can. Ar harrr....

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Thanks for your replies and watching over it :)

Its a joy for me to hear that you like my work :bounce3:

@Jeza, thanks for informing Armaholic.

@Miller also big thanks for writing the news on arma2base, wanted to write another pn to you, but your mailbox seems full? :)

Jedra, your video is great, told you that in youtube once :)

And wow landing in the cave, I cant manage it, have tried it after build that :P

Another video of the Brigade2010 shows a small firefight on this Island at our release event from saturday evening, where we had played 4 short coop missions.

Hope you enjoy it :)

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Thank you, Donny, for this island, a beauty! Very good and patient work! All the time during a few missions, the island felt consistent, was giving the sense of a real location.

Some screens from a few first missions played.

Before the Storm

http://1.imgland.net/khmmk.png (3674 kB)

Insertion done

http://2.imgland.net/Sqyhk.png (2644 kB)


http://1.imgland.net/1sAgR.png (3574 kB)

Securing the flank

http://3.imgland.net/Vavlk.png (2785 kB)

Danger, close

http://1.imgland.net/AALpR.png (3474 kB)

Go, Go, Go

http://3.imgland.net/wt4N6.png (2088 kB)

And eventually, the infamous "Donnerberg Crash" ^^

http://1.imgland.net/GrS0.png (3665 kB)

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Thanks for sharing the Pictures of our Release Event

and Foxhound, thanks for writing the news!


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