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Big islands

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I'm looking for big island for ToH where I could place my training base. It has to be european style map cause I'm from Poland and I'd like to feel that I'm "at home". The map Celle is quite good but it's really small 10km x 10km. Does anyone know such map? Simillar to Celle but much larger? Tnx in advance.

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I didn't tried it.


-10x10km map from one of Denmarks biggest military tank and infantry training areas. Merged with Skrydstrup Fighterwing's airport.

-Terrain heightmap is mostly custom where sattelite is mostly real. In large scale, very flat... In small scale, alot of small dents, bumbs and holes.

-Location: Denmark (Holsterbro vs. Skrydstrup)

-Required Addons: mbg_buildings 3 and mbg_killhouse

-Giant 'real size' military airport. Allmost 4 km long main runway.

-Focused on gameplay - As an example, grass is no higher than you can look over it when lying down. This is mainly because AI sees right through grass clutter, so he can lie down and see you, where you cant see him. Also, ground is so tough to drive on with wheeled vehicles, that roads are now really usefull. Driving offroad is slow!

Rough progress:




ROADS = 60%


Map is official in "alpha stage", but I am getting close to what I would call Beta. A few beta versions and some more testing and I think its ready for the community for a public beta release.

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Have you tried Namalsk. Not sure how big it actually is, but it always feels big!

Actually Namalsk doesn't feel very 'Polish', perhaps FDF Podagorsk is more like it?

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