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get AI gunner to open fire more freely

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Hi. i am digging TKOH HIND rearmed. especially since it lets me also use ACE2 and other mods!

but one thing that is driving me a hugely crazy is how slow the gunner is. he just wont open up on the targets even though i am flying/diving in a straight line towards them. that's with the machinegun in the hind. rockets are even worse as gunner will not use area fire and only fires when the heli is exactly lines up.

i suggest (and its something i put on devheaven but no response) that AI are more 'eager' to open fire even if they do not have a 100% chance of hitting. with rockets 80% is more than good enough. cannon bursts too. and let them fire in volleys that reflect the amount of enemies in the area - so lots of trucks = spam them with a 20 rocket salvo. rather waste a few more rockets than get wasted.


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I agree.

Some times I can swap back and forth to manual and cancel manual fire and suddenly the AI goes freaking Rambo with the main turret auto cannon, but usually hes dosent really scan that much (I know about Fx-3-5 "Engage at will" and Fx-3-7 "Scan horizon" command and those make em a bit more aggressive, but not by much in the air).


Considering this is a AI issue I would liked if they did the simple think and made the gun follow the where you looked so you could just keep it in manual fire.

I think the Apache that this feature once, but I dont remember when or if it was a mod.

Trick to avoid the issue to some degree.

A trick I use in the Editor at least is that I swap with the gunner. In TOH you have the option of "taking control" from the gunner seat so you can fly like normal.

While on the ground I go in the gun seat and the AI in the pilot seat. I order him to start flying somewhere. This is to get him mentally "air born" so he wont try to land every time you "give up control". Once he starts flying somewhere I order him to "Stop". Now the AI is in "air born" mode and "Stop". So whenever you "give up control" from a hover he just stops and however in the direction you where aiming. Making it easy for you to operate the weapons yourself. You can also fly like normal and use lock on etc or you can, for the forward gun Hind, go into the optics and take control while you are in the optics and fly from there. Making it easier to shoot infantry on the ground.

Unfortunately, this dosent work in the Hind Challenges because you only get to order the AI once you are in the pilot seat and once there you cant get out... :(

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Yes, there is a way to get gunner to shoot. Apearently, when u put a harder realism level (medium and expert) the gunner stop to use brain. Go to: Dificulty (any dificulty)>Edit>Enable all options avaible for gunner or AI.

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