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Remove unavailable but visible road pieces

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Hello everybody,

I got a little problem at this moment which is hard to explain.

A time ago I painted the roads on my Island witch the road painter tool.

But now I wanted to go and take on the road network of visitor with arma2 roads.

Well, I removed all objects of the painted road via the replace object window.

Now I recognized that there are still road pieces on the map, but they are not availlable for Visitor, it seems that they are a part of the Texture..

Next step was to the hope that I could overlay the new streets with the road tool from visitor but at some edges the old street comes through and dominates the new..

Anyone have an Idea how to fix that?

some pictures:



Greetings Donny

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Problem solved.

It looks like that these pieces have been ghosts in my .pew file.

After exporting all objecs and Landscape into picture too, it was possible to make an new pew without any file loss.

Now they are away.


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