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A template of a small forward operating base (FOB) for OFP/CWA built with Hesco bastions.
To use it you can either copy/paste it or merge it with your mission. Just remember to delete the info markers after doing so.

It's loosely based on the work of Mike-USA and some reference photos.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?dfi555g528xpeai


- The template itself (fob_templ_addons_1.0b.Intro)
- A demo mission showcasing features and issues with this FOB (fob_templ_addons_1.0b_demo.WW4_DesertEden2)
- A binarized version of the mission above (fob_templ_addons_1.0b_demo.WW4_DesertEden2.pbo)


- WW4 - http://www.moddb.com/mods/sanctuary1 or http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?124403-WW4-Modpack-2-5
- Editor Update 1.02 or greater - http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index.php?action=details&id=158&game=OFP
- MAPFACT's Military Objects - http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=7084


- Although a barrier is included in the template it isn't placed where it should be, as it's not working as intended. The AI seems to not be able to go through it when raised as they seem to see it as a solid object blocking their way. Only tanks can go through it, as they know they can just crush it. Cars and infantry will just stop in front of it. I've included it anyway just in case you know how to make it work properly.

- All units need about a 2 meters radius of distance of free space without any bastion near to be able to navigate through the base or getting into a vehicle. I've done my best to give as much free space as possible for the AI while keeping the size of the FOB as small as I could. Even with those precautions sometimes an AI will refuse to pass through a place that previously was able to traverse without problems. That will usually cause the AI to stop and refuse to accomplish any move commands for a whiled and, sommetimes, will "lock" the AI in place forever.

- While I've tried to keep things tight and small you'll notice a hit on the fps while you're in the FOB. I'm afraid there's no way around it as it's caused by the limitation of the OFP/CWA engine rendering so many objects at once. I've created several unreleased versions of this FOB, usually smaller, but then the problem with AI not being able to navigate through it arises. So, if you're worried about "lag" (graphical lag) you probably won't want to use this template.

- The observation posts are ugly as hell. The same applies to the MG nests, the ramps and other elements which seem to be out of place in a modern Hesco bastion FOB or simply don't look good. I've done my best to imitate or approximate the look and feel of the real counterparts, but not even all the LEGO work and tedious freehand pixel moving plus previewing loop (and, believe me, there's been a damn lot of that) can replace a customized 3D model. So, yes, I agree. Not pretty. But that's all I can do. That said, if you know of a mix of objects that would make all those look better (and, better yet, that use less objects), please, let me know.


To change the type of Hesco bastions used (to grey or desert) just open the mission in a text editor and do a "Find and replace" as noted below.

1. Change this: Ahesc1g
To this: Ahesc1d

2. Change this: Ahesc5g
To this: Ahesc5d

3. Change this: Ahesc10g
To this: Ahesc10d


Modify the init field of the flag in the mission or text editor. The init reads: this setFlagTexture "\flags\usa.jpg"
The part you need to change is: "\flags\usa.jpg"

More info about all this here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Flag_Textures#OFP

That's all. I hope this is of use to anyone.

Feel free to use, modify or distribute this template at will. You don't need to notify me, although mentioning where did you get it from and who initially made it would be appreciated.

Full album: http://imageshack.us/g/827/coldwarassault201203312.jpg/

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?dfi555g528xpeai

EDIT: File updated. I've added the forcegetin script to the infantry guys too in the demo mission. Just to avoid the rare case where they aren't able to get in the truck if the chopper lands in a weird position.

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There is a limit of 100 KB for hotlinked images on this forum. Please just link to the urls of files > 100 KB.

I count seven oversized images. Fortunately for you, you're only getting a warning today.

§15) Do not hotlink images over 100kb (102400 bytes) in size

Do not link images over 100kb using the IMG tags to display an image in your post. If you wish to post an image larger then 100 kb feel free to post the URL instead of hotlinking.

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You really know how to encourage people to keep releasing stuff here.

Anyway, images removed, main image reworked. Sorry for not realizing some images were about 115kb.

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Great Job on FOB template!

Off topic: I guess Max Power is fed up with people in ARMA3 forum section, and lets his anger out by being rude to OFP/ARMA CWA forum members :)


P.S. Sorry Max

Edited by Icarus

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I had the same idea few weeks ago but I was too lazy to do it :)

Thanks for sharing your template. It usually saves a lot of mission maker's time. Your FOB is nicely made.

I suggest you to use doMove command instead of waypoints to solve the "AI stuck" problem since doMove is more precise than waypoints (put a game logic in key points to have the positon). I also suggest to use dirt roads in the editorupdate to help AI to have better pathfinding.

Also, to save fps it is better to spawn the base with a player radius detection script than placing object on the map at the mission start. Like that, the base will spawn ONLY if the player is at a certain radius. Don't forget to place one model of each bastion somewhere in the sea to avoid annoying spawn lag.

Keep it up!



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Thanks for all the advices, Nikiller. I wasn't aware the dirt road objects also included paths for the AI. I'll try to place some and see how that works out. To try to correct the pathing issue I initially tried using 3WX path objects but they kept crashing the game after a while.

About the whole base being "setPosed", that's a nice idea, although a bit too tedious to have to name all the objects and setposing them with a trigger (or game logic with distance check). Any way to implement that in the easiest way possible? Anyway, I could cercainly use this trick for the clutter/ambience objects.

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Well, those roads don't help. There doesn't seem to be any significant difference. What does help, somewhat, is to play around with the waypoint positions until you find the G spot. Even then once every ten times the AI will act stupidly.

doMoves don't seem to particularly help either. I forgot to mention that above, but the instances where the AI got stuck happened exactly while issuing doMove commands. Not via script, but the command menu (which, if I'm not mistaken, are exactly the same). That's actually why I included a grunt with you in the template, so the user can try that kind of stuff by himself.

TBH I think I'll leave it as it is. While there are problems with AI pathing I've revised the FOB extensively before release and they should be minimal. And, well, they shouldn't surprise any OFP player. We all know that the AI simply can't get their shit together when they're placed anywhere but rolling hills and open fields.

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