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Placing Script

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Hey all I need some help with a script. I’ve been using a script to place units in a vehicle like driver and so on.

Now if I use a unit that has multiple Gun places like a Blackhawk I can only place one gunner and the pilot. Is there a command that will place units in both weapon places.

I’ve been using this command

this moveInGunner Unit1;

Do I need to add to this or is it another script I need?

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If i am not mistaken you have to moveInCargo, check also the alternatives in the wiki page.

Also i read somewhere that those cargo positions include any mounted guns (depending on vehicle?) and the order is "static", meaning you can't specifically choose the place into which to assign the unit, requiring you to keep filling the vehicle until the position is occupied.

Check this and this (if you are unfamiliar with that devheaven, it is were one can request features and bugs be reported)

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the command is this moveinturret Unit2

that will put your 2nd gunner in the second blackhawk position.

you need the COMREF... it has everything every scripting command and every unit name... http://www.ofpec.com/COMREF/

then you can use things like

Groupone=group this; {_x moveincargo helo1} foreach units Groupone

That will put a whole group into cargo in your helo without having to type in each units Init box.

After that you can begin using the group name to write scripts or init files to give them specific group names and asign radio call signs to give you more realism/imersion... Have fun and good luck mission making.


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