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AI making severe right turns

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Ever since the last patch (official) AI always start the vehicle then turn right, then turn back to where thye should be facing. It's as if the vehicles steering wheel is turned all the way to the right so that they drive to the side and eventually get back on track. Like if there is no power steering and the driver is using every muscle to pull it straight. I have found some work arounds, like starting the vehicles facing left to begin with, but as soon as the car in front stops, he stops, then does that right turn thing everytime it stops.

I 've been trying to use that new map of Ireland (i think) and it's impossible. the sides of the roads have those small rock wall things and so when the driver starts, he hits the rocks and gets stuck.

I hope this is the right place to put this. All searches told me that the threads were too old and to start a new one.


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