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problem with wilbur and wrptool

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hi there,

i must do something wrong.

even i did every thing what the readme sayd ..

after export/saving in wilbur in long-lat .txt wrptool cant find the file.

i clicked on import wilbur but nothing shows up..

i have a png file created by wilbur a long-lat.txt..

he cant find it..

what did i do wrong?

i have created a flat island <north netherlands> <otherwise known as the low lands..

but it don't show up..

i was sick of it.. so i painted it directly in wrptool

but then the island dont show up in arma cold war assault 1.99

this is the first time i created something with the help of a readme/tutorial

and it wont work..

normally i make things for fs2004 and wings over europe.

no problems at all.. <works also with dem/hdr files.>

the tools i use are

wrptool last version with update

wilbur the last version

can anybody give me some tips or tricks

thx you very very much

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