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New game community/clan: wasder

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I'm trying to expand the number of people I game with. I have about 6 regulars based in the UK and Canada, and we play ARMA 2:CO with the ACE mod, Red Orchestra 2 and Men of War: Assault Squad. It goes without saying that we'll be playing any and all BIS products. We have quite a casual approach and tolerance of mistakes but a determination to finish anything we start.

I'm posting here to see how many people would be interested in joining us. Depending on the response we will invest in servers, forums and all the things we will need. Currently membership will be free and open to all. This is very much just the start of the project, with all the things that go with that, but the will is there!

We have a blog here. Including some write-ups on our missions.

And a steam group.

Check back here to find more ways to contact us and get involved.

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