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I44 coop nuts 1-16 edited version

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Mission: I44_COOP_nuts_1-16_v1-2

Version: 1.2

Developer(s): Invasion 1944 Modification.

Changes made by Nomadd

This mission is/was made by the I44 team. It is their original work and all credit goes to them.

-foggybreath stays after respawn

-added multiple paramaters to lobby

-can change number of enemy waves

-can change the amount of enemy armor

-number of infantry per group

-can set how fast the enemy waves come

-can enable or disable respawn. Revive is always on

-can enable/disable 3rd view

-using JW Custom snow script, increased the amount of snow falling

-increased the amount of fog

-changed the artillary barrage

-you have to man the trenches, if the trenches are overrun, you will lose the mission

-small changes to some triggers

edit: 4/9/12 fixed link


Edited by Nomadd

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Fixed the link in the first post


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