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Irish Clan - Request

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I'm looking for an Irish clan or an active clan with a lot of Irish members, and preferably a lot of players too.

I play this game with a group of 5-6 people, but to be honest I'd like maybe 20-30 or so people who are 100% organized, who roll out in helicopters, jeeps and tanks etc and who successfully complete missions without failure.

Also though at the same time I'd like realism, so maybe something such as the ACE mod? It's not majorly important, but it would be nice.

Please mention here if you are in one of these clans or even know of a clan like this.


Also I'm on version 1.60 of the game with ArmA 2, ArmA Operation Arrowhead, ArmA British Armed Forces and the LITE package of Private Military Company.

Along with modfolders of the ACE mods such as ACE_RU and ACE_US, ACEX etc.

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Hello ColinM9991

For this kind of request we have a Players Seeking Squads thread in the Sqauds and Fanpages subforum. We also have a bunch of threads maintained by squads in that forum. You may be able to find one that suits you.

In the future please search before posting a new thread. Thank you.


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Please ensure you make new threads in the correct forum, if you're unsure of which forum to post in feel free to ask a moderator.

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