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retreating when 50% men is lost to starting point

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Opposite team is attacking my position,I want that when 50 % of them is lost they return to they starting positions,and my team to pursue them... is that even possible? I know that some sort of this script is already released but i want the other part included,too.

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Hey guy,

Well I've not tried it, but I think it'll work. ;)

First off you must know how many soldiers are from east or your enemy. Well, Let's say the enemy has 100 soldiers, so you must put a triiger: Activated by 'East' and 'On condition': 'count units thislist <=50,so on activation : let's say 'moveup = true; [leadergroupwest,leadergroupenemy] exec "follow.sqs"'. Now add a new trigger and activated by : None, so 'type:' 'Switch' and on codition: 'moveup'

and synchronize that trigger with enemy units, but before to do it, add waypoints to the enemy units. You understand me boddie.

About how to make our units follow the enemy, try this: Make a script:


_leader = _this select 0
_enemy = _this select 1


;You can edit, just change the delay, well if it's so much distance or maybe a little
? ( _leader distance _enemy <=100) : goto "Exit"
_leader setWPpos getpos _enemy
goto "Follow"


I hope it helps

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