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My Rig, Settings And Smooth 45FPS With ScreenShots AMDFX 8150 & Technique I Used

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UPDATE:2-8-2012. I just ordered a 7970 Radeon Card & a 850W power supply (modular) I will be testing TOH with this and I will post results.

Hi everyone,

I understand many people are throwing down the BDFX8150 against the i7 but I have managed to tweak the settings to get a full 45FPS on average and great quality. There is no doubt the intel handles

the object drawing distance a bit better than the AMD 8150 however after 6 hours of testing and trial and error these are my settings and what I did.

First we know the 8 core does not do well in gaming even overclocking to 4.2GHZ however I went into the bios and disabled 4 of the 8 cores and went into windows/start/run/msconfig/boot/adbanvancedoptions and selected to use

four cores. I am using a Asus Crossfire V MB with 990FX Chipset. I then used AMD's Overdrive to bring the clock speed to 4.2GHZ on 4 processors and monitored the temp with Core Temp and also ran a stress test with prime95 and

and my CPU with a Coolmaster hyper212 never went above 54C at full load. I noticed frame rate in TOH to be about 20-25FPS with the same settings you see in the screenshot. I ran other games like Just Case 2, Xplane10 and FSX and noticed

with these settings I was getting close to 40-45FPS. My next task was to tackle the overclocking on my Nvidia GTX560i to hopefully boost TOH. I used Nvidia's new control panel and increased clock slowly until it became unstable and that was at about 1100MHZ. I dialed it in at 1000MHZ Core Clock & 2290MHZ Memory Clock and it has proved to be stable and in TOH I was getting 35FPS with the boost. I then tweaked the TOH graphics settings to get very smooth frames and it flies

super smooth for me. Conclusion. The bulldozer 8150 has a ton of potential and is working great in my sims as well as photo/video editing. When windows 8 and other sims take advantage of the 8 cores I'm sure it will perform well. PLEASE NOTE: I UPDATED MY BIOS, GRAPHICS CARD DRIVERS AND WINDOWS 7 ALL UPDATES!! Windows addresses the hotfix for this processor in an update! Below are screen shots and my specs. Please enjoy and I hope this helps some!

NZXT Lexa Case

NZXT 5 Fan, Temp Color Double Deck Controller

Intel Solid State HD

Seagate 1TB Storage Drive

Nvidia GTX560ti

Asus Crossfire V Motherboard with 990FX Chipset AM3+

AMD 8150FX Black Edition

Windows 7 Ultimate

Hotas Cougar F-16 Flight Stick

Saitek Pro Rudders

Samsung 24" LCD (DVI)

Corsair Vengeance 16GB Ram






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