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PC Gamer Feb 2012 Article on Driving sims: C.A.R.S, rFactor 2, Auto Club Revolution

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Theres also Volvo the Game and Ferrari Virtual Race


The official site for Ferrari Virtual Race is down but the game is still floating around.

it's the free version of Ferrari Virtual Academy


Ferrari Virtual Race has nothing to do with FVA. One is some terrible arcady marketing game the other is a decent sim on the Netkar Pro engine, from Kunos Simulazioni.

People on Raceroom say that 10tacle (or was it Blimey?) became Slightly Mad Studios. So Shift´s crap driving was intended for a broader audience, they actually can do it right. That raised my hopes for C.A.R.S. drastically!

Then again, they´re still wanting to make profit and not frighten the userbase they gathered with Shift ...

SMS, is from some Simbin dev guys. Not sure what happened or why but Ian Bell who started the Blimey Games part of Simbin, started or joined Slightly Mad Studios. Then it was announced that they bought Blimey, shortly later Simbin where said to be in a very poor state financially.

Don't know how much that will make CARS like GTR2 though.

I'm looking forward to seeing how all these games come out in the long run.

rF2, is looking hot with its track tech and for a beta the handling is looking good for the heavier and/or mechanical grip based cars with lighter more thoroughbred aero cars like World Series is very meh. But I have had very little time with it admittedly.

CARS, I haven't touched but it looks amazing however opinions of people I trust about the handling/tire model hasn't been amazing for now.

I have little hope with GTR3. GTR2, RACE xyz where all disappointing enough.

I am putting ALOT of faith in the new Live for Speed tire model, if/when it gets finished.

Netkar Pro is my current choice, best physics across the board, from suspension, through tire model, wet surface etc etc. Just massively crippled by its net code and massive learning curve.

So Assetto Corsa is naturally high up on my list, more of the same running of a spanking new engine with a larger team.

iRental, new tire model is tard ville, and I'm glad too, save money. Great if you want to learn a track but NKPro, maybe now rF2 and hopefully soon LFS is/are better.

All in all its nice having so much choice and competition in the PC sim arena finally. :mad:Just sucks that I very probably....wait 100% certainly will not be able to play any of them to much extent at all for the foreseeable future.

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Forza 4 at least.....? wat? Did you never tripped in somekind of GTR, GTR2, GT Legends or GTR Evolution (and all DLCs)? There are so many of them...

GT or Forza are not sims compared to those above.

Release: TBA.

Never tried those, but GTR3 appears to be the saint holy combo of epic graphics and life-like car handling, so its in my bookmark.:D

Edit: I received a beta key for ACR woohoo. :D

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