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BW Composition Pack 1.1

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With great pleasure we release the composition pack 1.1 today. This composition pack lets the mission designer spawn e.g. checkpoints, bunkers, bases dynamically during his missions.

Coming in ten categories the pack includes not less than 149 compositions in desert and woodland camo, as well as ISAF versions. Categories being:

Anti Air







Supplies Station

Tent Camps


Some of the checkpoints are especially for multiplayer usage as the AI doesn't go down too well with them.

Also included in this package are some FOB templates modified by kaot22 for the Bundeswehr addons. Those are not being spawned with a script but are pre-placed in the editor. Please see the respective template missions.

The compositions pack requires ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead as well as the following German Bundeswehr addons:

BWMod 1.7: http://bwmod.armedassault.info/downloads.php

AMT 1.4: http://amt.kkwebservices.de/fb/index.php?page=Entry&entryID=9

MARS: http://www.combinedarms.de/index.php?page=DatabaseItem&id=14


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This will save me a LOT of time meticulously positioning objects in my missions. Thanks very much!

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